Coup Crusaders Rebrand Crystal Cowboys Following Creator Condemnation

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Crystal Cowboy Empire – The Coup Crusaders, unwilling to give up on their army following a shocking creator condemnation, have rebranded as the Crystal Cowboys.

On August 12th, the Army Hub broke the news that the Coup Crusader creators had released a damning post that condemned the current leadership and generation of the army, asking for it to be closed immediately. Creator Stevos called out certain unfavourable behaviour in the army that he had witnessed from afar, and drama ensued as their coloniser, the Ice Warriors, scheduled an invasion of their servers that they believed to be ‘free land’.

Coolguy’s attempts to keep the Crusaders alive.

But the drama was far from over, as an alarming announcement was released on the August 12th by Coolguy, who stated that himself and other members of the army were receiving various threats and were subject to significant harassment. This came after a heated debate over the creators ability to shut down their army, and if this generation of the Coup Crusaders were now illegitimate.

Coolguy’s announcement of CC’s changes in their Discord server.

Leader Coolguy remained adamant that the army would continue, but the significant drama surrounding the situation caused internal turmoil. As the Crusaders quickly crumbled, the Crystal Cowboys rose from the ashes. The final Crusader event was held on August 11th, and they peaked at 8 penguins in an ‘AUSIA’ division training session.

August 11th: The final Coup Crusaders event.

CP Army Hub conducted a short interview with Coolguy, one of the current leaders of the Crystal Cowboys, to find out his thoughts on their shiny new name and the drama that went with it.

 How many other changes do you expect will follow this rebranding?

So, as many have seen, there have already been a few changes made, to the name, uniform, leadership, events etc. Despite what some people believe, I think this will make us A LOT stronger because we always get back up and when knocked down and we always come back stronger so I firmly believe that we will be able to fix everything and quickly

Certainly seems like they’re benefiting your army, has it been easy for everyone in CC to work together through all this?

Nothing is easy, nor will it ever be. With the comments from other people consistently being made, it could have negative effects on troops/staff which is something we don’t want. However, the new environment that we have created is good and I think, with some more leaders, we will be able to help create a better environment and rep for ourselves. I honestly think that if we all work together, we can rise up once again

Did you expect this to happen once you heard the announcement? Or were you hoping that nothing would change?

The announcement is irrelevant, if we wanted to we could still be the same thing, move from CPAH, etc but we thought enough is enough. No, we aren’t shutting the army down, but we rebranded to call it a home to make sure that no harm can come to the troops from harassing comments or death threats, etc. The community is toxic at times and certain people make it like that or claim things as their own. Our rebrand is just a change for our troops and staff, we will, hopefully, be able to build better relationships and rise further as CC.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the community?

Well, I’m excited to see how this will turn out. We’re hoping for a new and improved experience and we want everyone to come on this journey with us…old and new are welcome. Dm me if anyone has further questions but we are hiring too! Just watch out, we’ll shine brighter than anyone in this town. One last thing from me.

Almost heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River. Life is old there, older than the trees. Younger than the mountains, growin’ like a breeze. Country roads, take me home. To the place I belong, West Virginia, mountain mama. Take me home, country roads.

With the Crystal Cowboy’s ready to lasso in the competition, only time will tell how they will do next. It may be the end of the Coup Crusaders for now, but the Crystal Cowboys seem to have a strong and ambitious leadership that are capable of guiding them to the heights of their former name. 

What do YOU think? How will the Crystal Cowboys fare following their rebranding? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


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