Drama Flares As FireStar Is Couped From Elites Leadership After Serious Allegations

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – Just 24 hours after the Elites gained three new additions to their leadership, a coup d’etat of Firestar has occurred due to a string of serious allegations.

Following the recent induction of three new leaders into the leadership, the Elites have now chosen to let go of one as Firestar was ‘couped’ earlier today. A shocking post entitled “Complete Transparency” was published on the new Elites website by Godfather Mythic, and it detailed an array of reasons for his immediate removal. The first of these involved Firestar giving the Army of the Orient Seas an Elites server, which then allowed the Special Weapons and Tactics to schedule an invasion on said land. The impact of this was that many dual-enlisted troops of the AOS and Elites proceeded to leave the army: a devastating blow to their ranks.

Another reason stated by Mythic is that Firestar allowed someone not enlisted in the Elites to have access to the staff chat without permission from the other Emperors. Mythic described this as a severe breach of the army’s confidentiality and that it would have been significantly more detrimental if it had not been noticed within 10 minutes of occurring.

let someone into staff chat

Proof from Elites discord audit log

Another allegation directed at Firestar was that he attended a SWAT event over an Elites one. This was done via an ‘alt’ account named “sevenseven”, and the Elites leadership state they have ‘solid proof’ to support this claim: this was also the name of Firestar’s Discord account several weeks prior.

fire is 7v7

Sevenseven at a SWAT event.

The allegations did not stop here, and they proceeded to get much more serious. He has been accused of “sexualizing two members of the staff team who are much younger than himself”, as well as “making staff members feel uncomfortable upon his arrival”. They further accuse him of “abusing his power” and being “extremely passive-aggressive over the most minor of details”.

Click to enlarge.

CP Army Hub reached out to Firestar to offer him a right of reply. He provided the following statement in regards to the allegations:

Starting off with the AOS situation, I originally server transferred to them to create a force treaty with other SWAT leaders back in June. Most of the AOS troops were also dual listed in the Elites at the time, so when AOS started popping off and less of our troops attended the events, we became suspicious. I take responsibility with server transferring to AOS because that was 100% impulsive of me and a few other leaders that I will not name.

Moving forward to the section of how I gave Kaliee perms to view staff chat with my custom role, I did that mostly because Mythic gave the former leader of Royals, Erika, admin to the server. I thought it was okay due to those actions, and I understand that it’s not okay. I do not recall Mythic asking his co-leaders either about granting Erika access to admin either. When Austin and Sarah had their little relationship, Austin gave perms to Sarah to speak during the events and etc without asking the leaders.

Skipping the Elites event was uncalled for on my part, but I did that because I felt left out when Kolo pinged Zamb and Lucifer saying they would lead the unscheduled, when it was pretty obvious to see I was online at the time. I also promised to help out with the SWAT ausia event hours before the unscheduled was announced, so I assumed my co-leaders didn’t need my assistance. The Elites server was active at the time, so I knew they’d max well without me and thought SWAT needed me more than them.

Regarding the allegation about the disrespect to my staff members, there’s a lot behind that situation that’s personal and I’d like to stay private. I admit that at it’s core, I was wrong and handled the situation immaturely, but this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I am a minor and have never tried to make any of our staff uncomfortable on purpose. After everything went down I acted indifferent to those involved, not passive aggressive. I already apologized to the troops that I have disrespected in the past, and I respect that it is their decision if they want to forgive me or not.

We also managed to speak with Elites Godfather and current leader Simmonds2000 to gain more clarity on the situation.

What do you feel will change now that Firestar is no longer part of the leadership?

Every leader has a different style of tactics and therefore we will most likely have a new shape in battles. We have now got 3 new great leaders who will bring their own unique style to the army. In addition, I also believe that some troops may feel more comfortable to re-join now that Fire is no longer a leader. I hold full respect, however, for what Fire brought to the Elites and thank him for his time here.

How do you feel about the new Elites leadership?

I am very excited to be working with Austin, Koloway and Zamb. Koloway is a well known legend and figure in the community and will, for sure, bring his experience into the army. Zamb is another well-known figure that will bring a massive boost to the army and in future battles. Lastly, Austin is going to be a great leader for the Elites. Since he begun his journey here, I have seen the masses of potential he holds. Therefore, I cannot wait to work with these guys further.

How long has this coup been in the works for?

It wasn’t something that we have been planning on doing for ages. We decided, collectively, yesterday night that we needed to take action against Firestar as it was having a negative impact upon the army. Despite it not being a long drawn out plan, I have been noting his behaviour throughout his time in the Elites and it came to a point where we had no choice. As a Godfather and leader of the army, my job is to protect the army from harm and from anything that could negatively impact upon it’s stability. Therefore, we all decided that it was the appropriate measure to take.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Despite the negative aspects of Firestar he is a great tactician and he helped us to win great battles. It was a shame we had to remove him but it was something we did for the army and its future. I just want to thank Firestar for his time with us and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Despite the allegations and nature of his departure, the current leadership appears to hold some respect for Firestar and all that he has done for the army. Simmonds and the three new Elite leaders seem ready to embark on a new chapter that will hopefully return the army to their former glory.

What do YOU think? How will the Elites fare now? Will the loss of Firestar hinder the army’s growth? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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