Third Clover Crusade Concludes With Further Allegations and Force Treaty

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Recently, the tensions between the Templars and the Army of Club Penguin have steadily increased. As a result of all the tension, the Templars issued a response post in regard to ACP’s declaration of war. Hours after the Templars response, ACP came back with a post addressing their content in the blog post.

Earlier this week, the Army of Club Penguin opened a war against the Templars. Their feud dates back to December 2019, when the Templars started to demonstrate accused disrespect towards ACP’s leadership. In a blog post detailing their decision to step foot into the Third Clover Crusade, ACP features screenshots and actions by the Templars. In addition to the Clover Defenders’ post, CP Army Hub released an article with more information on the Third Clover Crusade.

The Templars made no hesitation to fire back with a defense post justifying their actions. In their post, the Templars leadership elaborates on the alleged hypocritical actions committed by ACP:

As you all know already, ACP has declared war on us for reasons that we have already spoken about. It has come to our attention that ACP are not the angels they portray themselves as, they have a very well hidden devils side. Someone who had stated they were ACP staff sent us these screenshots, after saying they’d broken into BSchars account over the past few days. They had been disgusted by the things they had found and decided to forward them to TCP. We don’t condone hacking and such but what this rogue agent of Christ did find, was incredibly alarming.

The blog post addressed ACP’s alleged hatred towards Templars, lying about their intentions, attempting to remove them from the CP Army Hub league, and many more.

Templars’ claiming ACP’s intentions as a facade

After Templars’ response went public, ACP refused to let it slide. A few hours later, Commander in Chief CSY linked a post to respond to what the Templars tried to justify. In the post, the army debunks claims made about the Templars. ACP outlines Templars’ hypocrisy, the initiation of declaring war, foreign relations, and more.

On August 13th, the Army of Club Penguin logged on to participate in their second invasion of Vanilla. ACP expected the Templars to show up to the battle, but they ended up no-showing. Nonetheless, ACP continued and captured the server with 43 troops attending.

ACP’s invasion of Vanilla

Nevertheless, this was not the end. ACP released another post to correspond with their previous one. The post highlighted the alleged disrespect and lack of accountability from the Templars as a result of their response post. ACP then went on to write up a force treaty on the Templars, after a victorious capture of their server.

ACP’s force treaty on the Templars

After the fighting on the battlefield and on army sites, the Templars were eventually removed from the CP Army Hub league following an army representative vote. In addition to all this, Templars leader Xing went to CP Army Hub with a statement regarding his army’s removal and his thoughts on the Clover Crusade.

ACP force treaty-ing us means next to nothing since we’re banned from such an ineffective league with ineffective leadership. Plus even if we did stay in the league we wouldn’t have cared either way because we didn’t have any intentions of invasion regardless. Plus the sound of a December rampage would fit well into my agenda regardless. All in all, ACP and the league are a bunch of losers. The war was a blatant landgrab + the CPAH administration felt so hurt and felt so offended to go as far as banning us via (((vote))). no league should have any sort of control or reserved right over an army. That is all.

CP Army Hub sat down with Templars leader, Otter, to get their thoughts regarding their loss, along with the details of Templars’ eventual removal from the league.


 ACP released two blog posts regarding alleged actions committed by Templars. What is your army’s stance on it?

We respect ACP’s leaders and higher command, and we understand why they’d be agitated. We just wish it’d gone differently, with more communication. There are POC in our hcom, there are members of the LGBT community in our HCOM. The ‘jokes’ you’ve seen are us messing around to take some of the seriousness out of real-life issues, our army’s an escape for some people from the real world. They’ve been kept out of main chat for a while- if you looked at our army now, chat moderation’s been improving greatly due to concerns that have been brought up before the war even began. We never meant to create tensions with ACP, or any other army.

How did you picture the results of this war?

Honestly, like everyone else, we knew ACP would win.

Do the Templars have anything planned for the future against ACP?

Not at all! In all honesty, we’ve been working on mending our relationship with them instead. Like I said before, we wish it could’ve been handled differently, but at least this way we’ve been able to sort out some things they may have been confused/concerned about. No bad blood!

Do you have any lingering thoughts or opinions on the situation?

Following the war we were removed from CPAH, we know that ACP hadn’t meant for it to happen, but I understand why people would be outraged after seeing their side on things. Only thing we wish we’d done differently was addressed it earlier.

The Third Clover Crusade ended as quickly as it began. The Army of Club Penguin came out victorious and the Templars were removed from the league. Above all, the Templars expressed their respect for ACP and hope to mend their relationship to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

What do YOU think? Will the Templars and ACP feud in the future? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Vice President

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  1. templars didnt do anything you banned them foer no reason


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