Golden Troops Shine Bright In Surprising Elites Battle

ALASKA, Battle Server –  Yesterday we witnessed a small-medium army take on a major army in an intense practice battle. Despite valiant efforts from both parties, a surprising victor emerged. 

In the midst of the Elites current leadership changes, they held a friendly practice battle against the Golden Troops during ‘AUSIA’ division timings. Both armies performed with similar sizes, as the Golden Troops peaked at 13 members and the Elites hit a maximum of 14 penguins. 

[Ship’s Hold]

The Golden Troops swiftly entered the Ship’s Hold, quickly bombing and getting into formation, while the Elites fell behind by arriving late. In addition to this slow start, the Elites had a small size disadvantage. The Troops managed to take control with a noteworthy advantage of quicker tactics and the neater formations. In the end, due to the efficiency of the Golden Troops, they were able to win the first room. 

Room 1: Ship’s Hold

[Inside Mine]

Inside the Mine, both the Troops and Elites entered quickly, although the Golden Troops were more efficient in achieving their formation first. Only a minute after entering the room and getting into their first formation, the Elites countered with a bomb and completely covered the Golden penguins. This second room saw the Elites’ performance with tactics improve as they began to speed up. Likewise, the multiple fast formation changes allowed for a tie to result. 

Room 2: Inside Mine


In the third and final room, both armies entered with 12 members each. The Elites struggled to get into formation and this allowed for the Troops to enjoy an advantage. The first half of the room seemed to favour the Golden Troops, but the last formations of the battle saw them slow significantly, allowing the Elites to fight back stronger. Due to similar performances from each side, the result of the final room was another tie.

Room 3: Docks

This battle concluded in a close ruling: the Golden Troops managing to overpower the major listed Elites. A small-medium army defeating a major one is certainly a rare occasion for a practice battle, and the Golden Troops seemed ecstatic about their victory.

Judge’s Verdict

With this being just one of the practice battles the Golden Troops have scheduled for the week, will we may see more Golden domination in the days to follow? Could the Golden Troops continue to rise into the major Top Ten? What does this fall in size mean for the Elites?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


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CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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  1. GT did a great job, keep up the great work! Well done!


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