Redemption Reborn: Redemption Force Return With 7 Year Anniversary Special Event

UNKNOWN, Redemption Force Empire – Following nearly a month of inactivity, the Redemption Force makes a comeback with its 7 year anniversary event. RF saw fluctuating sizes and faced many hurdles since first coming back at the beginning of July. How will they perform this time around?

On July 18th, the Redemption Force came back with its opening event. They shocked the community with a 55 troop max and jumped onto the list of major armies immediately. They also hit number seven on the Top Ten. Unfortunately, the following week, RF struggled to even max 20, detailed in a post here. Two training events were cancelled and the army was in general disarray. Commander Otter also left for the Templars leadership, citing issues with RF’s leaders and a lack of effort from the staff.

The Redemption Force’s opening event in July

However, on August 14th, nearly a month later, the Force is back. Coincidentally, on their 7th-anniversary event. Sporting the number “7”, they peaked at 32+ troops, a sizeable amount, compared to previous events, that is thought to place them in one of the Top Ten listings this upcoming weekend.

RF’s 7th year anniversary event in August

CP Army Hub reached out to the Redemption Force creator Reacon for a statement on their anniversary event.

Interview Section

This is the Redemption Force’s second comeback. How do you think RF will fare this time around?

This isn’t a necessarily a “comeback” this was simply a celebration of the anniversary of Redemption Force being founded, if we want to continue the army we will if not then we simply won’t have anymore events but we did our job to celebrate its existence.

That’s awesome. What goals might you want to hit for RF?

Our goal was to have a successful anniversary event and I’d say that goal was successful.

As of right now, are there any plans to continue RF as an army? What do the HCOM and leaders think?

As of right now no, we’ll talk about it and make a decision before the weekend ends.

Any last thoughts or comments?

Yeah I want to let the community know that all the hate and negativity they throw around us doesn’t do anything except make us even stronger as a group, the haters can talk all they want but at the end of the day they can’t actually do anything to stop us.

Reacon – Laugh Now Cry Later (Official Music Video) ft. Prince B

It seems that presently the Redemption Force only intends to celebrate its 7th year anniversary, a significant milestone in their army history. However, we’ll have to wait after this weekend to see if the RF plans to continue hosting their events. Creator Reacon also wants the community to know that RF won’t be bothered by anyone’s negativity.

What do YOU think? Will the Force be back? Or will they settle back into inactivity? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Happy 7 year anniversary RF!


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