News Digest [August 8th – August 15th]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, News Digest Desk – Welcome to the latest edition of CP Army Hub’s Weekly News Digest, where we round up the main talking points of the last seven days! This week we’ve divided the news into the following sections: retirements/rank updates, wars and battles, army openings/closings, and finally the significant news that doesn’t fall under the other categories. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Retirements/Rank Updates

Elites Leadership Shakeup: Zamb, Koloway, and Austinfraud Inducted 

The three took the lead at Elites after the recent retirement of two leaders, S Cargo 2 and Mythic. The three are known members of the community with Koloway having achieved CP Army Legend status following his time at the Army of CP. Zamb is also well known for being one of the CP Army Hub founders and a former leader of the Dark Bandits, while Austinfraud was the creator of the Athletes of CP which is an army that had decent success during their short lifetime.

Doritos Will Rise From The Ashes,” Say New Leaders Dino and Marie

Following not only the recent dip in sizes but also the inactivity of the leaders, the army has now announced two new people who will be at the helm. A lengthy post was released upon the induction in which Dino detailed his plans for the army and how he hopes to “bring DCP back from the ashes.” The two seem extremely motivated and we, at CPAH, are excited to see what they can achieve!

Former ACP Leader Chainpro Inducted Into Water Vikings Leadership

The former Army of CP leader was recently announced as a leader of the Water Vikings army after joining them around a week ago for the rank of Second-in-Command. More changes were also announced alongside the new leader as the Water Vikings added two more troops to the rank of Second-in-Command. Chainpro and the two new 2ics have since been fired due to an IP-grabbing scandal.

Vivala Retires From Doritos Leadership

Longtime DCP Leader Vivala recently announced her retirement from the army due to real-life commitments. She has left a mark on the army since her promotion to the rank of leader around 8 months ago. She has been with DCP through thick and thin which has helped her gain the Honorary Shield status which is second only to DCP legend.

Meerkat Rejoins The Community: Inducted as Romans Leader

Following the recent retirement of PINK from the Romans leadership, it appears that former DCP leader and legend Meerkat is now taking this spot. Meer says that he has been interested in the Romans for a while and he’s excited to work on building up an S/M army. We look forward to seeing how successful Meer will be at the Romans!

S Cargo 2 Retires From Elites Leadership

Although Cargo’s stint as a leader in Elites was short he left a mark on the army. The legendary leader ended his career at the Elites on a high note with his retirement achieving sizes of 17 but the leaders are sure that the army will continue strongly following this loss.

Fighter Pilots Leader Semi Steps Down, Jenn Returns To Leadership

One of the FP creators, Semi, has recently retired from the army due to his inactivity. The Pilots have become a staple in the community proving to be a stable top 5 S/M army under his and Ana’s leadership. The leader said that he feels that he is no longer giving to the army as much as before. Another creator, Jenn, came back afterward to fill the empty spot left by Semi. We are excited to see what she can achieve in her second stint as a leader.

Wars and Battles

The Army of CP Announced Third Clover Crusade Against Templars and Achieve Victory Following Force Treaty

The Army of CP announced their war against the Templars in a lengthy post written by ACP Commander CSY. He stated that the reason for the war is the Templars continued homophobia and racism alongside their bullying of S/M armies. The Templars denied these accusations and believe ACP is declaring war just because they can. Two days after the declaration and following a few more posts from each side, the ACP force-treatied the Templars and declared another victory against TCP.

Black Ice Offensive Against the Limes, Chefs, and Water Troops

An alliance formed of 9 armies attacked these two armies throughout this week rendering them serverless. The first round of invasions occurred on August 10th with five invasions occurring out of nine. SWAT was able to take Wool Socks against LGA while DW took Great White. IW managed to take Belly Slide without any opposition but Templars faced issues when they met LGA on Ascent, LGA managed to defend their server successfully. The final battle of the day was FP vs WT, WT showed up with just 10 against FP’s 19 and lost the defense with a score of 3-0. The second day saw 2 invasions happen out of 4. RPF and ODA managed to successfully secure Fog and Iceland respectively. CR didn’t request a judge in time causing the invasion to be invalid. On the other hand, HBA dropped out of the alliance and shutdown.

Army Openings/Closings

Marines Sent Ashore After Merging Into Water Vikings

The Marines have been around for a while as a small army under their legendary leader Revan. The army also participated in the Beach Brawl recently managing to reach round 2 before getting knocked out by PZF. However, the Marines’ run has now ended as Revan announced the merge between Marines and WV where he will take up the rank of a leader. We are excited about how the merge will benefit WV!

Hold Bugs Army Drops Out Of Community Following Sarahah’s Removal From Ice Warriors

Less than a month after the colonization of the army, Sarahah has recently shut down her creation. The army has been consistent in the S/M placement and hitting sizes of 15-20 consistently which made the shutdown and merge into Elite Forces slightly surprising. We are excited to see what this merge will do for EFCP!

Other News

Coup Crusaders Rebrand Crystal Cowboys Following Creator Condemnation

The army has formed quite the reputation for being one of the first IW proxies and one of the strongest but it seems that the armies’ ties cut recently after a post that was created by the army’s creator Stevos asking for the army to shut down. Instead, the current leadership decided to change the name of the army completely albeit still going by CC. We’re excited to see what this new version of CC can achieve!

CP Rewritten Sets Stricter Regulations For Army Community; Interview With Stu

In the past few months, CPR’s tension with armies using the game has increased as they release numerous warnings towards the community. Only a few days after the acknowledgment of this warning, an additional warning was released, as well as the rules for armies using the game has gotten stricter. In an interview with Stu, one of the administrators has stated that there are further steps that they can take if these rules are not being followed.

What do YOU think about the sixth edition of the News Digest? Which headline caught your eye the most? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


2 Responses

  1. What an exciting week for the Elites!


  2. There’s a slight mistake regarding the Water Vikings leadership bio. The people who were fired were Chainpro, Jamie and Zucculent who were 1ic 2ic and 3ic respectively. Jamie was one of the two 2ics that were newly appointed.


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