Doritos Legends 32op and Meerkat Return Following Drop To Small-Medium

SUMMIT, Former Doritos Capital – This week, the Doritos saw a shocking fall into the S/M Top Ten Armies list. The once top army has been facing a drop in event sizes following their isolation from the league. Fortunately, the scenario is not as bleak as it may look. Yesterday, two of the Doritos legends 32op and Meerkat have returned to the leadership.

32op is one of the most popular names in the army community. His reputation as the Head of Board in CP Army League, Executive Producer in CP Army Media and former CEO of CP Army Hub precedes him. He is also one of the group members that oversaw the unification of the community under CP Army Hub.

However, his real claim to fame lies in the fact that he is a flat earther. Jokes aside, 32op is one of the “six best Doritos leaders of all time”. To quote him, he ‘beat CP Armies‘. He has previously lead Doritos of sizes well above 100, and to the top position for twelve consecutive weeks. His heavyweight recruiting ethic and dominant leadership qualities are recognized by some of the finest stalwarts of the community. 32op brought thousands of new troops to the Doritos prior to his retirement in July. He retired from the community soon after the reunion of the armies.

Doritos maxing 150 under 32op’s leadership

Meerkat is another of the long-time members of the Doritos and legend of the army. He mostly spent his career with the Doritos. However, he was also enlisted in powerhouses like the Dark Warriors, Mayhem, and the Army of Club Penguin. Standing alongside 32op and several other Doritos legends, he led the Doritos in their glorious CPPS generation which dominated the army scenario ever since their revival in November 2019. Recently, he broke his absolute retirement from the army community to lead the Nova Roman Empire. Unlike 32op, his retirement from the army had been due to reasons of inactivity.

One of Meerrkat’s final events before he retired.

The Doritos have been facing hard times ever since the fall of the New Dawn Alliance and their isolation from the community. But despite these circumstances, their sizes had remained stable until a few weeks ago. This resulted in the fall into the small-medium army listing. Around the same time as the Top Ten was officially released, whispers spread that 320p had returned to the Doritos. Meerrkat was spotted back in the leadership ranks as well.

Doritos struggling to max 35 in a practice battle against the Water Vikings this week.

The return of these two army giants is such that it alone can be the factor that propels the army back to their lost status. After all, their explosive style and hardworking nature have helped the Doritos excel in the past. Considering that the morale of the army is hindered by their recent shortcomings, this could have been an unimaginably huge boost for the troops. However, both leaders chose to stay silent about their return on the Discord server. The reason for this decision remains shrouded in mystery.

Another interesting fact is that 32op expressed his firm belief that Doritos’ leadership is capable of maintaining their position without his support in his retirement post. What does his return insinuate about the current leadership? Was he forced to return to take control so that the army does not fall? There are so many questions about this return. Here’s what current Doritos leader Maroon had to say about the topic:

32 is one of the greatest leaders DCP has ever had, it was great working alongside him, DCP has obviously been going through a rough patch recently, I’ve been a lot less active due to real world obligations an we’ve seen a big slump,I’m confident with the return of 32 and some other things we have planned, DCP will rise back up again and I look forward to working with him again!

– Maroon, Doritos Leader

Maroon’s words make it clear that the Doritos staff is hyped to restore their army to their former status. However, it does not answer so many of the questions that the community has for these legends. The CP Army Hub team decided to reach out to 32op and Meerrkat for a small interview.

Interview with 32op

What is the reason for your return to the Doritos? Was the fall in the top ten listings the only reason for it? Or is there some other cause that the community doesn’t know about yet?

DCP hasn’t been doing so well in the past few weeks. I decided to return to help the army get back on track.

While retiring, you mentioned that in your view, the army was in good hands and would manage well without you. Has your belief changed now?

I still believe DCP is in good hands. We have a very strong staff team and I know they’re capable of being a stable top 3 army with or without me. They just need to be pushed a little.

Why was your and Meerkat’s return to the Doritos kept so lowkey?

I haven’t made an announcement yet because I’m expecting more people to rejoin. I would like the announcement to include everyone else whos is rejoining as well.

How do you think you can remedy the fall in sizes that the Doritos saw this week? Also, will the Doritos ever make a return to the league to reconquer their empire?

I’m not sure why I would tell everyone how I’m going to contribute. We’ll leave it private bahah. Also, why would I give them a heads up if I was planning to return?

Interview with Meerrkat

Why did you return to the Doritos leadership even though you quite recently joined the Romans Leadership?

DCP made #1 on the S/M army Top Ten and I don’t want everything I helped build these past 8 months to go to waste.

Do you think you can help the Doritos rise while leading Romans at the same time? 

Of course. I’m only here to fix DCP’s problems while helping Romans grow.

In your view, is there any particular element in the leadership of the army that caused this slump in sizes?

I don’t think they were pushing people to recruit which resulted in them losing size after every event.

The interview has revealed some quite startling points. The Doritos are expecting several other pioneers to return to their home. The former leaders rallying to protect their army is a quintessential example of the passion that runs within. Meanwhile, it also is proof of how the more experienced leaders are ready to actively guide and advice the current leaders. The Doritos have taken a severe hit in their size. However, it can be said their strength remains unmatched in terms of the resilience shown by the troops. It will be certainly interesting to watch how the next chapter of the Doritos unfolds.

What do YOU think? Will 32op and Meerrkat nurture their army back to the top? Or will their efforts be in vain as the Doritos falls into a slow but sure plunge to death? Let us know in the comments below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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