Expiration Date; The Diminishing of the Doritos

SUMMIT, Former Doritos Capital – Since their reopening in November by Doritos’ legends Mustapha10 and Alfrondo1465, the army rapidly increased and saw success in both the Club Penguin Online: Army League, and their weekly Top Ten. Unfortunately, their sizes have seen a decline since then and recently dropped to the small-medium top ten. Where did the Doritos go wrong that led to their drastic fall?

The Doritos made themselves known as a world power amongst other powerful armies. Since their creation by an CP Armies legend, Wwebestfan, they’ve seen themselves at the center of several world wars, conflicts, and more. Leaders such as Mustapha10, Bam117, Jester, and Lord West, and many others have helped Doritos cement their legacy and get voted as the eighth best army of all time.

The Doritos left a legacy on original Club Penguin armies, as they’ve clashed with other big armies and played key parts in several wars.

Before opening the current generation, a long-time leader and Doritos legend, Mustapha10, revived the army without proper permission from Wwebestfan and achieved greater glory than what they achieved in the original Club Penguin. Under the initial leadership of Doritos co-creators Alfrondo1465, Mustapha10, Freezie66, and 32op, their first several events saw maxes of 60+. Once they had a grasp on the private server CP Online, they continued to rise and see greater sizes. Since then, Doritos have gone through many changes and are currently going through a major plummet. But what happened?

The Doritos saw first place often on the CPO Army League’s Top Ten.


The Doritos during Christmas Chaos, maxing sizes of 80+

Despite many leadership changes, Doritos have been capable of defending against other huge armies such as the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. The army reigned as a first place on the Club Penguin Online: Army League’s weekly top ten over these armies, as well as other major armies (Pirates, Redemption Force, etc). They won Christmas Chaos and later in the semifinals of the controversial March Madness, the Doritos maxed 150. Unfortunately, that battle went without a victor due to claims of rigging.

The Doritos during March Madness.

Their lockouts during March Madness

All was going great for the army until news about the insides of their army spread. Although their sizes were not impacted, a long-lasting impression of unprofessionalism lasted. Another disturbance to the Doritos’ reign was the shutdown of Club Penguin Online. They soon after they initiated a war with Ice Warriors and Pirates under the leadership of Badboy. Although they didn’t win that war, sizes stabilized because of a revolutionary recruiting method, and the Doritos set their eyes on the trophy for the annual Legends Cup tournament.

Badboy’s declaration of war against the Pirates, which can be found by clicking here.

Their first and second-round Legends Cup matches against Cold Wars Federation and the Dark Bandits were a breeze, and the Doritos landed themselves a spot in the quarterfinals against the Help Force. Shortly after CPAH announced Help Force to have won the battle, the Doritos scheduled invasions against their servers. Without the trophy, the Doritos continued to have events and strive towards earning their top spot again. Their first event back on CPArmies maxed 55+, which was far less than their usual max.

The Doritos’ first event on the newly established CPArmies

In CP Army Hub’s first special report, two higher commands from the Doritos spoke out against the leadership for showing dictator-like qualities and created more drama. DCP took a hit from a high-command riot about harsh recruiting quotas.

Picture of the requirements depicted as harsh.

Around this time, an additional problem arose: increasing aggression from the Ice Warriors. After the war against the Black Ice Alliance, and before their capital could be invaded, the Doritos planned on shutting down but instead isolated themselves from the league. Many leadership changes came about during their isolation. Both 32op and Meerrkat retired from the army, putting their trust in the future generation of the army. Replacing the two were Maroon, Marie, Vivala, and Dino. Prior to his stepping down from the army, 32op gave his regards to the army and it’s future, saying,

After 9 months of leading this legendary army, I have decided to step down. This decision has been on my mind for a long time and after seeing how much the other leaders are putting in work, I know for a fact that DCP is in good hands and will do amazing without me.

To an outsider of the army, reasons for their fall could be linked to the closure of Club Penguin Online or the removal of recruitment quotas. However, it’s far better to ask someone heading the army than making assumptions. In order to receive a second opinion on why Doritos dwindled below the major ten, the CP Army Hub was grateful to conduct an interview with Doritos leader Rah and gain some more insight into the situation.

On the weekly top ten, Doritos saw their first drop to the small-medium top ten. Why do you believe they’ve seen such a drastic decline?

Well, that’s the question we’re trying to solve ourselves haha. Mainly, DCP has been undergoing modifications to rebuild ourselves back up and get back on track, which may have caused the decline. It could simply just be a lack of interest in participating in events or recruits may not be familiar with Club Penguin, again not sure. Obviously, all armies have their good days and bad days.

The Doritos primarily operated on Club Penguin Online before their shutdown and saw a drop in sizes with several other armies. How great of a setback was the closure of Club Penguin Online?

I wouldn’t say it was that much of a setback, but it still was. It was extremely easy to recruit on CPO and gain family members who play CP. Ever since CPO’s shutdown, it may have tarnished the CP community’s reputation.

With the return of former Doritos leaders and legends 32op and Meerrkat, as well as the induction of both Dino and Marie, how does the army plan on moving forward?

We plan to continue rebuilding ourselves and get back onto the Major Top Ten Armies. This is our time to get back on track and prove everyone we’re the greatest to ever do this. We’d like to end the orange summer with a bang. With this boost of morale, I’m sure we’ll be able to accomplish it. Regardless of how we do army wise moving forward, we want to make sure everyone has fun haha

Recently, the community learned that the Doritos partnered with Super Club Penguin, a well-known CPPS for Spanish users. How do the leaders plan on using this new partnership to their advantage?

It’s going to be fun opportunity for us haha. The CPPS is pretty awesome and we’re quite excited to explore around and have fun. We’ve made friends with some of their members as well and we hope to help provide some fun for them.

Rah believes that the Doritos’ fall is linked to the decline in several armies and that the scandalous activities by the Club Penguin Online administration tarnishing the community’s reputation played a part in this. However, she does not believe that the Doritos will stay small-medium for long and that they’ll rise eventually. With longtime leaders Meerrkat and 32op returning to the army, Dino made leader, and the sponsorship with Super Club Penguin, there’s much room for improvement to see at the Doritos. Through these new opportunities and plans for the army to have a promising future, who knows how far past their expiration date they’ll go?

What do YOU think? Will the Doritos recover their sizes and see glory once again? OR will they remain in the shadow of their Club Penguin Online days? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Executive Producer

CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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  1. Great post Zamb, and good luck DCP! 😀


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