Tamales Formed From People’s Imperial Confederation & Water Troops Merge

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tamales Empire – The People’s Imperial Confederation and Water Troops are two small-medium armies that have generated significant names for themselves in the community. However, an unexpected move saw the pair merge together to form a spicy new army, the Tamales.

On Sunday, August 16th, the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Water Troops announced that they would be merging together to form one army, the Tamales. The Confederation opened their doors in October 2019, and has since grown to become a significant small-medium force, even reaching the Challengers Cup Finals back in June. On the other hand, the Water Troops were founded in 2009, but reopened again this year, quickly establishing a community presence with several wars and making frequent appearances in the small-medium listings.

People’s Imperial Confederation’s coffee themed event, maxing 11 penguins.

Water Troops Maxing 12 in an unscheduled event.

CP Army Hub contacted Confederation creator Sidie9 and Water Troops leader Lukey for more information regarding the merge:

The Tamales of Club Penguin serves as a new start for both the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Water Troops. Under the leadership of myself, Attai/Tyler, Emma, and Lukey, we look to reach new heights that our predecessors could not. I’m really excited for the future, working with my friends to make something really special.

– Sidie9, Creator and former Leader of the People’s Imperial Confederation.


Despite me enjoying my time in Water Troops I don’t think we were successful. I can’t speak for PIC but I know that their sizes had dropped and were also in a rebuilding phase. Due to our close ties with PIC and our similar situations this merger was a no brainer, and I’m looking forward to leading with them. It has always been my goal to build up an army from nothing and this move is looking to accomplish it. As for the future, we are excited to take part in the SubZero Showdown tournament and make a legitimate push in the S/M top ten. I am really thankful to be part of an army with ambitious plans in the next coming weeks.

– Lukey, Former Water Troops leader, current Tamales leader

As well as the announcements on the Confederation and Water Troops Discord servers, the Tamales released a post on their new website. In this post, Sidie9 announced that she would be leading the army alongside the current leaderships from PIC and WT. She continued by declaring the Tamales to be a “spiritual homage to the legendary Nachos army”.

This statement regarding the Nachos, whose lack of CPPS presence has been noted, is very powerful and raises the level of expectations that the community will have for the Tamales. How exactly do they plan to carry out their vision? The CP Army Hub team was able to get an interview with Tamales leader Emma, on her thoughts and plans.

Why did you make the decision to merge the PIC and WT?

To be honest, we made the decision because we were struggling. However, me and my fellow leaders knew the WT and thought it’d be a great idea to merge together to get our mojo back!

I hope you do! Why did you decide to name the new army the Tamales?

Jemma (Sidie9) and I came up with the name Tamales one night after talking about Mexican food. I am Mexican-American and familiar with the dish so I suggested it! Just seemed like a catchy and fun name.

I like it! Do you have any big plans for the future for the Tamales?

We certainly hope to gain a lot of traction and to create a fun place for everyone to hang out in!

Although the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Water Troops are no more, they will continue to thrive together as the Tamales. Both of these armies were successful throughout their time in the S/M army community. Even after the merge, both armies will be remembered in the hearts of the people who were part of them.

What do YOU think about this merge? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below! 


CP Army Hub Reporter


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  3. […] 30. Lukey continued to lead when the Water Troops and the People’s Imperial Confederation merged to form the Tamales. He helped the army reach sizes of 10, despite not being as active as he was […]


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