Behind The Sudden Surge Of The Spanish Army Community

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As the Spanish community has increased in size and is more prevalent in daily army life, many armies have been making changes to their servers. How has the army community adapted in order to welcome these new troops?

The CP Army community has always been primarily English speaking, although there have been certain armies created with a primary language other than English. Some of these were the Royal Warriors and Los Facheros, who both operated mainly using Spanish. Although these armies shut down in the past, we currently have the Penguin Army Force, which is run by the former Los Facheros leader Amelia. Borrowing from her history, Amelia runs her army using Spanish as the main language for communicating with her troops.

Penguin Army Force’s recent event.

On the other hand, rather than leaving the troops for an army solely created for Spanish speaking troops, many have taken it upon themselves to create chats for troops speaking alternate languages. For instance SWAT has a ‘#International-chat’ which allows the troops to chat in secondary languages. Alternatively, the Army of CP has a very active ‘#Main-Es’ that is used to converse in Spanish. Some armies have gone as far as to initiate a Spanish Moderator role in order to moderate Spanish chats. Specifically, the Recon Federation recently created an officer position named ‘Vizconde’ that is currently held by 2 officers. These officers assist the army with their Spanish events and the moderation of chats.

In addition to these new ranks or new chats, some changes have been made to adapt to the influx of Spanish speaking troops. In this summer alone, Army of CP’s Spanish community has grown immensely. The army has appointed three moderators: Beiruk, Nacho, and Daniel, who are primarily Spanish speaking. They heavily assist with the translation of events to the community, as well as with moderating the Spanish chats. The Clover Defenders have also been making other strides to help the community, such as translating their beginner’s handbook to Spanish to assist newer troops.

Beginning of ACP’s Spanish Handbook

On August 15th, the Army of CP has announced the launch of their new division, ‘Legion Española‘, in addition to their pre-existing divisions ‘Survey Corps’, Gendarmerie’, ‘Garrison’. After a shocking, but exciting announcement regarding the new division, Yeti, who was a moderator assisting heavily with their Spanish community, was promoted to General, a position in the army’s higher command. Yeti was specifically helpful in moderating, translating events, and even leading the Spanish troops in the voice channels. Additionally, as stated in the announcement by the current leader of the army CSY, Yeti also assisted heavily in the creation of Legion Española. He brought in new ideas to the table and also assisted in a test run event. Overall, because of Yeti’s assistance in the management of the new division, he was granted a seat in higher command, as well as appointed as the division leader for Legion Española.

CSY’s announcement of the new division.

On the following day, the Army of CP held their first event for Legion Española on SuperCP, a CPPS which is used by Spanish speaking users. Led by Yeti, their debut event was extremely successful as they maxed 32+ and gained a lot of support for this new chapter in ACP’s divisions.

Legion Espanola division’s debut event.

The CP Army Hub was able to catch up with Yeti to grab a statement regarding his thoughts on the new division and future plans he may have for it:

Well, I’m pretty excited about the new spanish division. ACP’s hcom and mod team have been working pretty hard since the spanish chat was created in the server. I’m also eager to see what other armies will do with this whole idea of welcoming other cultures and languages into their communities. For future plans we’re planning on developing a great community and place for spanish people to enjoy the whole army experience. Since we aren’t the only ones with this idea, our goal is to be the best.
– Yeti, General

Clearly, Yeti is as excited for this new division as the rest of ACP’s HCOM, mods, and troops are! We here at CP Army Hub, wish all the best for ACP’s new division and Yeti’s new position!

To continue, Super Club Penguin is a CPPS that is used primarily by Spanish speakers and is adapted towards using Spanish in-game. The creators adapted the game to allow the use of accents or special characters that other CPPSes do not allow. This makes SuperCP very popular in the Spanish community when it comes to Club Penguin.

Only a few days ago, Maroon, one of the current leaders of the Doritos, announced a partnership with SuperCP. In the announcement of this partnership, Maroon stated that this will be the main CPPS that the Doritos will be using, as well as promoting free codes and coins at every event:

Maroon’s announcement of the partnership with SuperCP.

Along with Maroon’s announcement of the partnership, Samu, a SuperCP administrator announced a Doritos event in their official Discord. With this in mind, it is prevalent that this new partnership is exciting from both sides and will be bringing in more users into the Doritos as well as more members into SuperCP, growing the Spanish community as a whole.

Samu’s announcement of the Dorito’s event

In the past, the Doritos have made a few strides to welcome the Spanish community, such as creating a ‘#Cumbre-ES’ chat for Spanish speakers. Some of their staff, such as Caesar, have been responsible for monitoring chats and translating events. In addition to this, the Doritos have recently started hosting events on SuperCP:

Doritos’ most recent event on SuperCP

In order to learn more, the CP Army Hub grabbed a statement from the current leader of the Doritos, Maroon, with his thoughts on the partnership!

Well I believe this move is great for both DCP and the Army community in general, we’ve seen an influx in Spanish players from SuperCP and we’ll be supporting them as they expand their English servers, so ultimately this partnership will be beneficial to both sides and I look forward to seeing where it can go!

– Maroon, Leader

Overall, the Spanish community is growing and gaining extreme support from many armies. With many armies starting to use SuperCP, it is only a short period of time before all armies are making changes to their servers to allow for Spanish speakers, as well as beginning to use SuperCP for events as they are also branching out to creates servers solely for English speakers. We here at the CP Army Hub, all hope to see the Spanish community continue to grow and strive!

What do YOU think? How have these armies done to welcome the Spanish speakers? Will we continue to see more armies using SuperCP? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

SuperCP and CP Army Hub are currently in talks for a potential partnership. Stay tuned!


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