Freezie66 Makes Shock Return As Dark Warriors Leader

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – CP Army Legend Freezie66 has made a surprising return to the Dark Warriors leadership following his retirement earlier in the year. But what led to his return?

Over the years Freezie has managed to establish himself as a significant figure in the army community. He originally enlisted in 2010 and went on to lead armies like the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, and the Doritos. Last November, he rejoined to “help out in a few small armies,” but eventually left them to lead the Dark Warriors once again.

He is also known for being a Head of Board in the CP Online Army League, alongside Andrew24, 32op, and Epic101. Together they aided the community’s “golden age”, with multiple armies, including his own, reaching historic sizes. When he made his sad retirement announcement, he stated that he didn’t have as much time on his hands.

April 2020: The Dark Warriors under Freezie.

However, Dark Warriors legend Spi101 released an announcement yesterday that Freezie would be rejoining the leadership team alongside current heads Spotty, Noa, and Julia. As soon as he joined, the Discord server was flooded with heart emotes and an excited chant of ‘WELCOME BACK IRISH LION’. Dark Warriors troops, old and new, celebrated their beloved legend’s return.

Spi101 announces Freezie’s return.

Freezie released a website post that details his upcoming plans for the army, including a huge reunion planned for October 10th this year. Luckily, the CP Army Hub team was able to catch up with him for an interview to dig a bit deeper.

All of us thought it would be the end once you released your retirement post earlier this year. Are there any specific reasons for your return? 

Well, it’s been a few months since then. A lot has changed, and I view DW as much more than a club penguin army, have viewed it that way since I originally came back to armies 8 months ago. Looked for resolution with my friends as it was something that bothered me greatly for a while, even being off discord, we all built this together and it’s went off the boil a little due to all different kinds of reasons. Every single one of us is motivated to bring DW back to the top of the game again & expand it into different things other than Club Penguin.

What are your biggest goals in mind for the Dark Warriors?

I want to get the army back to the way it was. A lot of people forget, but DW was the 1st army to top the universal top 10. I respect RPF and their leaders very much; I saw how they conducted themselves and it’s how an army should be led. I am very happy we are allies, but I believe in time we can give them a bit of a fun rivalry for the biggest army in the community. I don’t think anyone is close to them at the minute, but I haven’t been paying that much attention in recent months. That’s just the Club Penguin goals. We already have several divisions, such as Roblox, and we have many ideas on how to grow the community past that. Big things coming! I did not return just to do Club Penguin, but it’s apart of the plan for sure.

In your return post, you mentioned that there were some issues that eventually led to your retirement. Do you think that pushing past those issues will lead to a more successful generation for the army?

The truth is, as much as people want to give me titles such as legend and glorify me, I did not lead DW to the best of my ability last time before I retired in May. I was also CPOAL HOB, during a time in which many armies were leaving CPO and chaos was rife. I was not the best leader because I could barely interact with my community while leading. After my retirement, I was still interested in supporting DW through the Summer, and during this time I actually got to meet the troops and grew an appreciation for the community aspect of all of this. Unfortunately, a lot happened to me personally and there was a lot was said within the army. Like I said, I just needed to get away for a bit. But I wasn’t comfortable leaving people who’ve been by my side since last December on a bad note. So I came back, motivated.

With your new plans underway, will Dark Warriors be focusing more on merging into gaming servers and less on being an army? Elaborate more on the divisions you mentioned.

For now, the focus is on being an army. Really, I think all aspects of the community feel the uncertainty of the future of CP (with flash player not being supported by major browsers). But one thing I’ve noticed that the leadership have done in the months that I’ve been gone is introduce games like Roblox and Minecraft; which are both viable and have massive player-bases. I don’t know if I would classify it as gaming, honestly. Discord has just completely rebranded its motto from gaming to just general life & an application for chatting. I feel the same way towards DW. I view it as an escape for people, where they can come on, meet people from completely different cultures & connect in a way they couldn’t elsewhere, or they can simply play a game with each other. That’s how I view it really. Club Penguin is such a simple thing to bond over and I feel, that’s why this army community has lasted as long as it has. There’s no reason why that concept can’t be applied to other games and platforms with much larger player-bases.

We’ve learned that Freezie’s return will almost completely change the way the Dark Warriors operate. How much will they benefit from using other platforms? Will we see them re-climb the Top Ten listings? We at CP Army Hub are excited to see what Freezie will manage to do and if he will actually apply these changes that he has spoken about.

What do YOU think? How much exactly will Dark Warriors change? Will they rise again to their former glory? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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  1. Great responses! Hope to see more great things come out of DW!


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