Small-Medium Community Clash In Four-Way Battle

YETI, Battle Server –  The community has seen many practice battles, but none as legendary as this fierce four-way battle! Out of the four armies who participated, who emerged victorious?

On August 18th, 2020, four Small/Medium armies faced off against one another. The Nova Romans, Silver Empire, Lime Green Army, and Fighter Pilots met on the battlefield of Yeti for a friendly battle. Overall, there were maxes of 14 from the Romans, 13 from the Silver Empire and Fighter Pilots, and the max of 8 from the Lime Green Army. At 8:00 PM EST, their battle started, and the clash of the four armies began.

[Inside Mine]

The Romans, Silver Empire, and Fighter Pilots entered the room with a strong bombs. On the other hand, the Lime Green Army was nowhere in sight. The Romans were the first to enter the room. After completing the bombs, the armies scrambled into formations. The Fighter Pilots and Romans both moved into an X formation, while the Silver Empire circled up the room. The Limes had not made an appearance yet. However, as the battle progressed, more of the Lime Green Army appeared and formed a vertical line on the right side of the room. Soon after this, the Romans went into another bomb and formed an upside-down T immediately. The Silver Empire had faster tactics and cleaner formations throughout the entire room. This is why the Silver Empire was declared as the winner of the first room.

Room 1: Inside Mine

[Snow Forts]

All four armies entered the second room with word bombs that covered most of the battlefield. Then they proceeded to settle into their formations. The Fighter Pilots moved into an upside-down T formation, while the Romans and Silver Empire went into a horizontal line and the Limes scattered all over the field. Eventually, Lime Green Army entered into a vertical line in the middle of the battlefield. Following this, all four armies bombed the room, with the Fighter Pilots wiping the room a few times. Just after, most of the armies waddled into formations. The Lime Green Army went with a prolonged bombing of the room. All four armies held their own in this room, but two of them were slightly faster. That is why this room ended in a tie between the Romans and the Silvers.

Room 2: Snow Forts


As the opponents entered the room, bombs were quickly diminished into formations. The Romans marched into an X formation while the Silver army circled the room. Following them, the Limes assembled into a horizontal line and the Pilots formed an L. The Romans soon attempted a short rake which prompted the others to bomb as well. The Romans then formed a horizontal line, and started speeding up their tactics, with not much coming from the Limes. The impressive clockwise bomb by the Romans won them the third room.

Room 3: Stadium

[OT – Iceberg] 

The battle proceeded into overtime because of the tie between the Romans and the Silvers. The judges selected Iceberg as the room to be used for this purpose. The Silver Empire entered the room first but soon the Iceberg was swarmed by the four armies. The Silver Empire dropped to the bottom, lining up against the chat bar, while the Fighter Pilots formed a rhombus in the middle. As the battle progressed, more and more Roman troops logged off. However, the Fighter Pilots grew in size and trumped the other armies with their tactics. Thus, the overtime room was won by the Fighter Pilots.

OT Room: Iceberg

This battle was very intense, but in the end, the Romans and Silver Empire took a tie win with a 1-2-1. The Fighter Pilots came in third place with a 1-0-3, and the last was the Lime Green Army with 0-0-4.

The judge’s verdict

Throughout the battle, all four armies performed exceptionally well. No matter what the result, all armies have practiced their amazing skills and improved for future practice battles and invasions.

What do YOU think of this battle? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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  1. I have never witnessed an exciting four-way battle! Great post myth


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