Special Weapons and Tactics Promote Kaliee to Leadership

SNOW SHOE, SWAT Empire– The Special Weapons and Tactics agents recently saw the induction of their Leader In Training, Kaliee to the SWAT leadership.

On August 18th, 2020, Creator and the leader of Special Weapons and Tactics, Ganger90 announced on the army Discord server that Kaliee would lead the army along with the current leadership, right after the nail-biting battle with Army of Club Penguin. SWAT has been dominating the army community with many wins under their belt and constantly finding themselves in the Top Ten, while also having ten territories under their control.

Kaliee leading the SWAT VS. ACP battle

Kaliee began her army career in April 2020 after being recruited by SWAT, whom she stayed loyal to until the merge with the Doritos of Club Penguin. Later, her friend Oli created the Mangoes which she decided to devote her time to. When SWAT announced their return to the army community, Kaliee wasted no time in rejoining and, almost instantly, began rededicating her time to her original army, being notably praised by previous and current staff members of the army.

CP Army Hub was able to get an exclusive interview with Kaliee herself and quizzed her on upcoming plans for the army.

How do you feel about being promoted to leadership in SWAT?

SWAT was my first army so to finally become leader makes me really happy! I’ve been working hard moving through the ranks since the day I joined

Is there anything that you would like to change or you feel like could be done better in SWAT?

SWAT has a bad rep because of things that have happened in the past so hopefully I can help fix those mistakes and gain some new allies

Is there anyone, in particular, you are thinking about allying with?

We have some ideas but at this time so don’t know anyone for sure

Do you have any goals you would like SWAT to reach?

I’d like to see SWAT reach the numbers we used to max when I first joined. But over all strengthen the relationship between everyone

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to add?

I’m super excited to finally be leading and continue to see SWAT grow :))


Kaliee has shown her dedication to the army both past and present, remaining adamant that she will try her best to see SWAT grow. As she is still a high ranking member of the Mangoes, will she evenly distribute her time, or will leading SWAT become her new priority?

What do YOU think? Will SWAT regain its original size? Or will it be another short-lived revival? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


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CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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  1. still a mango queen kaliee


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