What Would YOU Do: Your Leader Accepts Bribery For Ranks

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, army moderators and HCOM members were asked what they would do if they found out their leaders were accepting bribery for higher ranks.

Since the beginning of armies, there have been corrupt leaders. Even today, corruption exists in armies. Whether it is multilogging, doxxing threats, or accepting bribery, some leaders simply cannot be trusted. While it has not seemed to have happened in recent months, an undercover post written by Executive Producer Max in April 2020 proved that even though it is not shown publicly, leaders are capable of accepting bribes. Overall, bribery for ranks still exists, despite not occurring as much as it did in earlier days.

HCOM/Moderators were asked the following:

What would you do if you found out your leader(s) were accepting bribery for ranks?

FatChicken, Army of CP’s Brigadier General (7ic)

Well I’d find that incredibly unprofessional and unfair as ranks should only be achieved through loyalty and dedication to an army. And as I am in the Army of CP, I would alert one of the members of the ACP Panel of Guardians, urging them to take immediate action against the leader in question. If I were not in an army with such a system, I would personally confront the leader pointing out the flaws and immorality of the act of accepting bribes.

Anilia, Recon Federation’s Colonel (4ic)

I always believe that someone of a leadership position/going to be in a leadership position should always work hard to get where they want to be, so accepting bribery for ranks and such is definitely not okay. It is not fair to those who do work hard. It makes it seem like for the people who do work hard, did all of “that” for nothing. Because there are people who are dedicated, loyal, passionate and determined to be a good leader for their army, then seeing that someone has bribed their way up to the top will be for sure frustrating and angering.

Avrillaving2, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Brigadier General (7ic)

I’m very confident that no one here is doing that! Everyone here works for their ranks. I’m not really sure what I’d do. I’d probably be annoyed that they payed their way up. I’d also feel sad for the other staff who I know have worked hard to get where they are. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get to the higher ranks! It’s not something that can be purchased.

Semi, Fighter Pilots’ First Sergeant (3ic)

Well for sure I would leave the army. Depending on how extreme it was, considering how many people, I would put it out to all of CPAH. I would consider returning to the army if both the bribed leader and the briber were out of the army, considering i don’t want somebody accepting bribes as much as people giving them.

Hannah, Help Force’s Admiral (3ic)

I’d inform my fellow staff members about it. Come to an agreement and remove them from leadership. Since they’ve accepted bribery and it could happen again, wouldn’t want to risk that. Armies should have experienced people in staff positions not people who had to buy their way in

Kyle, Dark Warriors’ Second in Command

Firstly I’d figure out who paid who for which rank and figure out why they took the bribe. I’d then approach the rest of my higher command/advisors and explain the situation to them and then come up with a solution on what to do about this info we found out. I’d approach the leader who had taken the bribe and ask them why they did and advise them to come clean about their actions and step down from their position as leader until everything is sorted out. If the leader refused to step down, I’d approach the other leaders and advise them to remove the person from the leadership and make sure that nothing like this happens again.

All of the responses displayed that bribery for ranks is upsetting, given that the staff members worked hard for their positions. Some even indicated they would leave their army or attempt to gather other staff members to assist in the removal of a leader accepting bribery.

This begs the final question…

What would YOU do if your leader was accepting bribes in exchange for ranks?


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


4 Responses

  1. id ask for a slice of the ££££


  2. completely support it y’all, nitro for templars 2ic hmu ;))


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