Frosty Tensions: The Truth Behind The Ice Warriors And Coup Crusaders Separation

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Crystal Cowboys’ Nation – Despite the apparent close relationship shared between the Coup Crusaders and Ice Warriors, the icy superpower shockingly declared independence from the now-named Crystal Cowboys. What were the motives behind their sudden choice of sovereignty?

The Crystal Cowboys, who were previously known as the Coup Crusaders, have operated as a colony of Ice Warriors for some time. Under Coolguy’s leadership, who is dual-enlisted in the Special Weapons and Tactics as a leader, the Crusaders colonization resulted in a predominately Ice Warrior leadership. Alexandra, Erick09, and LawCorazon were just a few of the individuals that enlisted and had an invested interest in both armies.

As a result of their partnership, the Coup Crusaders became a small-medium superpower almost overnight, regularly achieving fantastic sizes and consistently placing at the top of the small-medium listings. Their choice to align with the Ice Warriors was certainly beneficial, yet controversial and met with criticism throughout the community, as some believed them simply to be a “proxy army”.

Coup Crusaders’ recent sizes in a practice battle against the Water Vikings. They won all three rooms and were victorious.

Last week the newly renamed Crystal Cowboys received media coverage after their creators’ denouncement and changed their name to avoid further complications. Renaming the army may have helped them avoid the problem of being considered illegitimate, but several internal issues arose within the army’s higher command and leadership. As it was believed the Coup Crusaders were closing, the Ice Warriors were quick to schedule an invasion of the Crusaders land before any official announcement had been made. The conflict was made public on the Army Hub Discord, and the Ice Warriors did not remove the invasion after leader Coolguy stated the army would be continuing. Coolguy responded by transferring the five Crusader servers to the Special Weapons and Tactics, for “protection“.

Coolguy spoke out to the CP Army Hub team, revealing the frosty tensions between the pair involved multiple leadership disagreements. Coolguy notes that this began when he refused to transfer a server to the Ice Warriors, thereby breaking the trend of the Crusaders transferring all their land over to their colonizer, and this was met with much hostility. Likewise, he says the Ice Warrior affiliated leaders would “make decisions without consulting Coolguy or the other leaders“, which further caused animosity in the ranks.

Erick09, former Coup Crusaders leader, is shown scheduling an invasion without letting Coolguy know.

Furthermore, significant drama surrounded the removal of Toxic Storm from the Coup Crusaders, and Coolguy admitted that the Ice Warrior aligned leaders pushed for the coup d’etat. In an Army Hub report regarding his removal, it was revealed that Storm attempted to encourage Templar leader Xing to join his Coup Crusader offensive against the Ice Warriors. Once his plans were foiled, the Ice Warrior staff were naturally enraged by his decision. Storm’s ejection was executed through a vote, but Coolguy passionately believes that the decision was too prompt.

Alexandra’s message to the Coup Crusaders’ leadership about their separation.

Ice Warriors leader Alexandra revealed the decision to terminate their annexation was over “a lot of stuff“, confirming the tensions and bad blood between the armies, while Coolguy is unsure why they’ve made their decision. To gain more insight into the situation, as well as learn about the Ice Warriors’ perspective, the CP Army Hub reached out to Alexandra herself to provide a statement about the tensions between the two.

At the moment there are no tensions between IW and CC, we signed a treaty and left the relationship as allies. Speaking of previous tensions, which I personally think are irrelevant as the past is the past and there was already 3+ articles written about the topic lol so I don’t understand the need to revisit. However, to summarize in short, the IW-based leaders in CC left the army a few weeks ago on their own due to internal conflicts among other leaders- not relating to IW as a whole. There was also previous drama of a former CC leader by the name of “Toxic Storm” who was trying to make an alliance to attack IW and its colonies, while being an IW colony leader, obviously things like this put a strain on the relationship. IW has done a lot for CC as far as supply troops and support for battles and events large and small so finding out information like that is both hurtful and a shock. Being a former CC leader I enjoyed my time in the army helping to lead them to see their largest max and collaborating with the team. As for the Ice Warriors we wish them nothing but the best in the future!

At present time, the Crystal Cowboys and the Ice Warriors plan on remaining as allies, but their previous colonizer-colony relationship ceases to exist. The majority of their Ice Warriors dual-enlisted staff have left as their partnership ended, but the army intends to keep moving forward. CP Army Hub have heard rumours flying around that the Crystal Cowboys are considering another major army to affiliate with, but nothing yet has been confirmed.

What do YOU think? Were the Ice Warriors justified in separating from the Coup Crusaders? Or was their decision impromptu? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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