Honda and Marieee Inducted into Golden Troops Leadership

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Two renowned troops in the army community, Honda and Marieee, have recently been named as the newest inductees in the Golden Troops leadership.

On August 19th, Golden Troops leader Rach announced Marieee and Honda‘s leadership. However, it was pointed out that they are leading only until Aggiepie and TheMightyA returned from their hiatus.

GT’s official announcement of Honda and Marieee’s leadership.

Honda, current leader of the Red Ravagers, has led a few events with the Golden Troops in the past, helping lead their practice battle against the Romans, amongst others. Marieee, one of the current leaders of the Doritos of Club Penguin, has also led a couple Golden Troops events too.

PB against Romans, August 9th, 2020

CP Army Hub reached out to one half of the new leaders, Honda, and asked him abour his thoughts and goals for the Golden Troops.

How did you feel when you were inducted as a leader?

I was aware prior to the induction that I was going to be receiving leader alongside Marieee, Rach, Mighty, and Aggie. Rach and I talked about helping her out while the army was at a minor slowdown.

What are you planning to do to help out GT during their time of need?

I’m planning to help shed some new light to the army. I communicate with many leaders among the S/M Army community and we all tend to help each other out with events and helping bring an army back up (like the Superstars versus SWAT and ODA). I hope to make GT skyrocket in the Top Tens with a burst of size as well. It’ll be fun for sure.

Both inductees have shown their worth to the army community many times over. With Honda remaining as a leader of the Red Ravagers and Marieee still leading the Doritos, will this temporary term of leadership take the Golden Troops to new heights? Or will their time with other armies lead them to neglect their newest challenge?

What do YOU think? Will the Golden Troops secure a place in the Top Ten? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


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