Dino Quits Doritos Leadership Following “Internal Drama”

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – Leader Dino has quit his position from the Doritos Army just a week after his inauguration, citing “internal drama”. What drove Dino to this unexpected departure?

In the late hours of July 19th, Doritos leader Dino removed himself from the leadership position indefinitely. This was executed without an official statement from himself, nor the other leaders, and has been described as a ‘back-door departure’. It came just seven days after himself and Marie were promoted to the top-dog role.

But despite his initial silence, he spoke out to the CP Army Hub team regarding the current internal state of the army. He revealed he “left due to not having a say in the army, regardless of being a part of leadership“. Continuing on, Dino stated that “Jester, 32op, and Maroon made all the major decisions for the army without consulting the other leaders“. Dino included examples of this, such as the decision to move from CP Rewritten to SuperCP, the recent partnership with the Spanish platform, and even the hiring of new staff members.

August 20th: The Doritos hold a US training event on SuperCP.

Dino further divulges that there was an issue over the past banishments of former staff member Satchmo, who was banned by Dino several times after instances of him breaking the rules. However, Dino declared that regardless of the rules being broken, Satchmo was continuously unbanned by fellow higher command and leaders, in order to give him ‘another chance’.

The most recent of these just was an hour before Dino’s departure, and we can assume this sparked his decision to leave. An unknown Discord account assuming the alias ‘CoolBoi’ contacted a staff member with pictures of leadership members using racial slurs, and the added comment of “very nice leaders“.

The message sent by ‘CoolBoi’. Click to enlarge.

The incident was immediately brought to Dino’s attention and he proceeded by banning the account in question. Soon afterwards, however, Satchmo joined the conversation and stated: “that’s my alt“, before retracting this statement less than a minute late. Despite many realising he was ‘joking’, Dino believed him to be serious.

Satchmo’s comments regarding the alt account. Click to enlarge.

From here, the joke grew and worsened at Dino’s expense. Discord chat visitor Honda caught on and told Dino that Satchmo was behind the messages and was told this by Satchmo himself in a voice chat. Backed up by Honda’s statement and given Satchmo’s history, Dino determined a banishment was appropriate.

Honda’s statement to Dino. Click to enlarge.

Following this ban, multiple members in the Doritos’ came to Satchmo’s defense and one moderator, Erikaaa, even left the server in protest. Things were soon rectified as Satchmo was unbanned and Erikaaa returned to the server. But this internal drama, sparked from a ‘joke’, proved too much for Dino.

The Doritos response to Satchmo’s ban. Click to enlarge.

CP Army Hub approached Dino for an on-the-record interview, but unfortunately he declined to answer further questions regarding the situation. Alternatively, we were able to catch one of the current leaders of the Doritos, Rah, to receive her thoughts on the banning of Satchmo and Dino’s departure from the leadership:

Well at the moment, we’re still conspiring back and forth whether to unban or keep him banned. I know some people here were upset for things he has done, and some would get upset if we were to keep him banned. It sucks not able to satisfy everyone in both situations. I’m not too entirely sure what’s up with Dino, to be honest with you. I knew he was frustrated with the constant punishments for Satch and other stuff. We’ll let him have his space and whenever he’s ready, we can negotiate. I do hope we can rekindle and find a solution. Regardless, we respect whatever he chooses to do. He’s a respectable person here.

We also contacted Satchmo to further understand how the “it’s my alt” joke led to his departure, and to offer him his right of reply. He said the following in his statement:

So there was an alt sending screenshot of a former leader from April to mods, and when dino banned him he said “Get outta here musta.” So as a joke i said “no my alt.” i then said it was just a joke but Honda jokingly told dino that it was my alt and so dino banned me. i meant no harm by it. Any other situation i wouldn’t have been banned. I was only banned because he genuinely thought it was me and because i’ve been given a ton of chances by DCP in the past to change. So when he heard that he had reason to believe it actually could’ve been me because i’m always getting banned from DCP for idiotic stuff. And just to give you a reason why he would believe it could’ve been me, i’ve been banned a total of 30 times from DCP. So he had reason to believe it was me.

Despite Dino’s departure from the Doritos, he will be remaining as a leader of the Romans Army, alongside Doritos staff members Meerrkat and Leila. Will this tension between Dino and the Doritos affect the relationship the army has with the Nova Romans? Will we see Dino back in the Doritos soon? 

What do YOU think? How will the Doritos fare without Dino’s leadership presence? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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  1. ok. wasn’t he promoted 2 days ago?


  2. Interesting turn of events! E5


  3. What an exciting tea pog


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  5. Pog Never expected that he would leave that fast


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