Crystal Cowboys Colonize Under Doritos; Possum03 Joins Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Crystal Cowboys’ Empire – Only a short period of time after being uncolonized from the Ice Warriors, the Crystal Cowboys found themselves a partner, as they spark a new partnership with the Doritos. Although, with recent tensions between the Cowboys and the Warriors, how will the determine the future success of this partnership?

The Crystal Cowboys was created earlier in August after rebranding from the Coup Crusaders following an incident involving the creator of the army. Being led by Coolguy and Ash, the Crystal Cowboys’ size noticeably dropped after un-colonizing from the Ice Warriors. The cause of this size drop is most likely due to the majority of their staff and troops are the Warriors’ members. Despite this setback, they stood strong and eventually gained support from the Doritos. Regardless of their lowered size, they are continuing to hold events and gaining many more troops as a result of their recent partnership.

Crystal Cowboys’ recent event.

On August 20th, the partnership of the Cowboys and the Doritos transpired, which brought in their newest leader Possum03. Though, to some shock, this partnership was seamlessly done without any formal announcement by either army. Regardless of being a former Warriors’ colony, both sides seem to be ecstatic about this newly formed alliance. To learn more, the CP Army Hub caught up with one of the current leaders of the Doritos, Rah, to hear her thoughts regarding the new partnership:

Well, this is a pretty great opportunity for everyone involved here. CC is a colony of ours and will be an awesome experience for our troops who want to gain more experience and make more connections with others in the community. We look forward to having fun events and just having fun haha.

Rah seems to be pretty excited about this partnership even though it is early into their association with each other. The Doritos have been gaining a lot of support as they switched to a Spanish CPPS, SuperCP, following a partnership with the game. Although, the Cowboys have yet to be seen using this CPPS, will this affect the success of this new bound partnership?

Doritos’ most recent event held on SuperCP.

Originally starting in the Doritos in 2015, the current leader in training, Possum03 ranked her way up to a seat in the army’s higher command. In 2016, a year after joining the army, she received legend for the work she put in. Although, sometime in 2016 she was removed from her position in the Doritos and did not rejoin the army until March of this year. After spending much time in a major army, it may come to a shock to many that she picked up a position in a small-medium sized army. On the other hand, with her enthusiasm and experience, many great things can be predicted to emerge under her leadership. The CP Army Hub was fortunate to catch one of the leaders of the Cowboys, Coolguy, to hear his thoughts on Possum03 joining the leadership:

Possum joining the team is certainly refreshing. As a vet of DCP, I do know/remember Possum and I was quite surprised to see them wanting to join us but also still being in a LIT position in DCP since they’ve worked hard over the years that they’ve been there. Possum is sure to be a great asset to the team and I believe that together we can achieve many great things! Never underestimate us, not as an army, and certainly not as individuals!

The CP Army Hub caught the newest leader of the Crystal Cowboys, Possum03, to hear her thoughts on her new position!

What made you decide to join CC’s leadership team?

I’ve been a leader in training for over a year combined throughout my time in the Doritos. When we became allied with CC, I was approached to see if I wanted to lead the army. I think it’s a great way to gain some valuable leadership skills, as well as bringing my own skills from DCP towards a smaller army.

Do you have any future goals for the army?

I wanna help get sizes up and really bring ourselves back to being a solid part of the sm/a community. While major armies can look really cool, I’m excited to be able to help build a smaller but more tight-knit community.

How will you balance DCP and CC? Is there something that both armies have planned?

I’m not overly concerned. My summer job is ending soon as the start of school approaches. Since school is half remote, it should be easier to manage army stuff while also doing other work. If it gets too much for me then I would consider switching focus on just one army, but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

Possum03 seems excited to begin this new chapter in her army career, as she joined after being in the Doritos for quite some time. Though, she does seem confident that she will be able to balance both positions with ease. With a new leader and new colonizer, the Cowboys’ future may be looking extremely bright. We here at the CP Army Hub wish the best for Possum03 on her new position, as well as the Crystal Cowboys in their new partnership!

What do YOU think? How long will this partnership last? Will CC finally get back on track with Possum? Let us know what YOU think in the comments!


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  1. Happy to be here! I’m definitely looking forward to the future.


  2. Great post otter! I am excited to see possum’s plans for the future of CC.


  3. wow, unexpected 😮


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