Lessons From Veterans: Zamb

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – In this weekly series, we pay our Club Penguin army veterans a penny for their thoughts. We’re here to find and share their wisdom through interviews, so what can we learn from this edition?


Lessons from Veterans is a simple way to learn more and find wisdom you otherwise wouldn’t have found. We look up to our legends and army veterans for their outrageous amount of years here and their harrowing experiences they can pull through. In our seventh edition, we find out all about Zamb’s experience and wisdom.


The veteran we look at today began his army career in 2013 after Rebel Penguin Federation recruited him. Zamb moved through the armies Global Defenders, Special Weapons and Tactics, Night Warriors, Doritos, and then led Dark Bandits. He made use of moving to an AUSIA time-zone and became an AUSIA leader for Water Ninjas and Chaos. During his tenure in CP Armies, his most notable investment into the community has been graphics and news sites. His very own news site, Major Medium Army Central, served as an AUSIA news service and voted higher than the infamous SMAC. Zamb eventually became Executive Producer and helped with the founding of our current news site. He currently leads the Elites and works in CPAH strenuously. Although he messed around for a while in different armies, he soon became influential and is now a major part of today’s armies with the work he does. So OBEY HIM.

What is the general theme you’ve tried to uphold in CPA?

Throughout CPA, the theme I’ve tried to upload alternated. Back in original Club Penguin armies, I wasn’t exactly the same person I was and was in fact far more toxic. Because of the people I’ve hung out with, fortunately I was able to promote a stress-free environment, but through banter and joking about the state of other armies. Although it was fun for the certain group I was apart of, it was certainly annoying for the others who tried to have some fun over the game. Coming back to the community, I’ve changed and prefer a fun, family-like environment. As long as everyone isn’t feeling stressed over real life priorities and can feel comfortable with the others in chat, that’s all I strive for.

What was the hardest thing you’ve overcome in your CPA career?

Hardest thing I’ve overcame in armies is probably returning to the community. The current environment makes veterans like myself have a higher status, but I knew nothing coming in. I had to relearn what new Club Penguin armies had to offer and discovered way more moving tactics, flicker tactics, and other than tactics, there was a league. A league was different from what we’ve had at CPA Central or the other news sites, so there were rules to invasions and whatever else. My first army since coming back, Dark Bandits, didn’t give me as much of a chance to explore this, but fortunately I learned more about it and am capable of being a leader today. Other than that, I never really encountered any difficulties in original Club Penguin other than being threatened and finding an army to settle at.

What lessons have you learned from here that have transferred over to real life?

Biggest lesson I’ve learned here that transferred over to my life is most definitely leadership. I don’t lead the biggest army at the moment, but it’s an army where maintenance is key. Leadership teaches you several other traits, such as having a strong work ethic, responsibilities, working well with others, and a plethora of others. Another lesson learnt was more about how great friendship is and to appreciate it more. Sounds cheesy, but the original CPA ended too abruptly that I’ve lost contact with several friends. Coming back not only helped me reconnect with these friends, it helped me make way more. Friendship is something to treasure even if it’s online or not, and I was lucky to learn it from some of the greatest people in the community. Another more unrelated lesson I learned is to not be a gossip girl. Almost lost a good friend over leaking, don’t do it.

What wisdom do you take to heart?

Live life to the fullest and take the risks (no, not that kind of risks Riley) Oh and also to give zero fucks about others opinions.

Veteran Zamb has already picked up on many important factors of life. From learning to maintain a fun, free of toxic environment, to strong work ethics for leadership. With all of what Zamb has to say about friendship, gossiping, responsibility, still, “give zero fucks” and take risks. That’s a lot to handle, but veterans like him can share how to do that. Be sure to come back next week to hear more from your favorites and learn life-changing ideas!

What do YOU think of this edition? Will YOU take what Zamb says to heart? Comment YOUR opinion down below!

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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