Moment of the Week [August 16th – August 22nd]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The Army Hub covers so much news from all over our community, every week. However, there always is that one topic that catches the eye and garners more views than others. In this column, which serves as the spiritual successor of the News Digest, we will be covering the most eye-catching and controversial moment of the past week. So, what was the Moment of the Week this time around?

The Surge Of The Spanish Army Community

Foreign armies have played a big role in the community for a long time. From the Metal Warriors to the Wild Ninjas, armies have been presented in many languages other than English. Although these armies have existed since the beginning of the decade, not many achieved the successes that they set off hoping to achieve. Recently, we’ve seen multiple foreign armies rise in our community post-Club Penguin. The most powerful and controversial probably being the Elite Guardians but there were others too such as the Los Facheros who are now called the Penguin Army Force.

The Elite Guardians during it’s peak

Over time we saw the rise of this army and many others, however, we rarely saw the major English-speaking armies dabble in this mostly untouched gold mine of recruits, which is the foreign army community. Over the course of the past weeks, this did change. We saw the rise of armies using the biggest Spanish CPPS SuperCP, along with a partnership that formed between the CPPS and the Doritos. In addition to that, we saw the announcement of the Army of Club Penguin‘s new division which is called the Legion Española. Other armies such as SWAT have an international chat channel for troops that speak languages other than English and the Recon Federation even created a new rank specialized in moderating their Spanish chat.

The Army of Club Penguin have been making a lot of changes to adapt to the influx of Spanish recruits that they’ve recently been targeting. These changes include the inauguration of multiple new moderators who speak Spanish alongside the appointment of a division leader. The army also translated their ‘beginner’s guide’ to make it easier for the Spanish troops to understand what the army is all about.

ACP Leader CSY’s announcing Legion Espanola

Another army that has recently started changing to be more welcoming to a Spanish community are the Doritos. They received a large amount of Spanish-speaking troops through their partnership with SuperCP who even pinged their whole discord with a link to the Doritos discord. In addition, SuperCP administrator Samu also pinged the SuperCP discord to announce a Doritos event which helped the army achieve immense sizes of 88.

This new system that many armies are implementing is certainly exciting as we will witness a new rise in numbers if these armies manage to make an effective system regarding these Spanish speakers. Time will tell if this will help armies or if this method of growth will prove ineffective. CP Army Hub has also been seeking a partnership with SuperCP and hopefully, it’ll affect the community positively and open us up to other cultures.

What do YOU think? Is this decision of being more open to foreign troops gonna prove beneficial? Or will it prove ineffective like many other attempts of growth have in the past? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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