Spill the Tea! with Chief Executive Officer LuciferStar

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Spill the Tea Office – The Spill the Tea Team is proud to present the second edition of Spill the Tea with host Vice President Cassie and this week’s guest, Chief Executive Officer LuciferStar!

Welcome to Spill the Tea! In this series, I interview members of CP Army Hub staff and get all the gossip about their time here, their army history, and their opinions on just about everything important.

Now, who are we interviewing? That’s a great question, definitely not exposed by the introduction or the title. To kick off the brand-new column, Spill the Tea! welcomes the man himself: CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer LuciferStar!

Host Cassie and CEO LuciferStar!

Through a career of leading and CEO-ing, LuciferStar truly made his mark on the community. Where did he begin? What are his favorite things? In our exclusive interview, we’ll find out!

Hi Luci and welcome to Spill the Tea! Can you introduce yourself to CPAH?

I’m LuciferStar from Taco Bell, Akron, Ohio, from the inner city. I’m not even supposed to be here. That’s enough. Every night I walk into the administration room, I see a CEO Chair with ‘Star’ on the back. I’m blessed. So what everybody’s saying about me off the court don’t matter. I ain’t got no worries.

For some reason, I wonder if that’s entirely original. How did you get your start in armies?

Like everybody else, I joined a Discord server dummie.

Okay, but what Discord server? What army?

I’m actually pretty new to the community, I was first recruited by Doritos when it was revived during the CPO era, so around December 2019. Only joined it cause I was annoyed by the number of people autotyping about a nachos company, not gonna lie, it intrigued me, and I also lowkey first joined the server so I could tell them to shut it in town but LOL the rest is history haha.

I wish I was recruited by nachos company autotyping, that’d be fun… anyway, tell us about your army history! I know you led Elites, but how did you get there? Have you led any other armies?

Nope, Elites was the only army I led, my army history is pretty scattered, I spent a bit of time looking for a good fit. I was probably in IW the longest, I also spent a fair bit of my time in Crimson Guardians and SWAT before I finally settled on Elites.

Very nice! What about news sites and army leagues? What’s your history there?

Well news sites and army leagues is probably the one place where I could finally find my niche, I was told that there did exist a News site by the name of CP Army Central, and when I first saw the website, I was pretty amazed by the quality of posts that went out despite this being a kids game. So when CPOAL was first hiring Reporters for the website, I sent in an application and not many people know this but my first application was rejected haha. It was finally under Atticus that I got hired as a Reporter and that’s when I started my climb up the ranks, that was around March. I moved up quite quickly, and was a part of the administration by the end of April. I was then promoted to a member of the Board of Directors as well Chief Executive Officer at CPAL towards the end of May, I think. And yeah well, I’m here at CPAH now.

That’s a lot! You get around, huh? What do you like to do outside of armies?

Well, I’ve got a lot going outside of armies, so I’m really only here for a short while. I start Law School soon. Really not the athletic kind, I’m more into public speaking and national debating. That’s about it, I spend the rest of my time either binging Friends or an anime haha.

Aw, good luck in law school! We’re all cheering for you! Besides TV shows, do you like any games?

Not really that much into gaming to be honest, I play the occasional GTA V or Clash of Clans and COD, but yeah I’d read a book over playing a game xD

A nerd bookworm, I see! What’s your favorite book? Do you have any recommendations?

Well, my favorite would probably be the Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini. And that would also be my recommendation, actually nah I recommend you go out and play instead of reading books else you’ll get bullied in PE. Lessons from personal experience…

Ouch, that’s not fun! Moving on, there’s a rumor I’d like to address — what’s all this about you being an egirl?

I’m actually an e-girl irl, I’ve kept my identity a secret, but I’m actually an e-girl tiktoker, the rumors are true, I started them. Haven’t seen everything in your life if you haven’t seen me throw it back with my gurls periodt!

Egirl Luci

I’m glad you have a career like that outside of CPAH! Other than starting rumors about yourself, what are some of your favorite things to do in CPAH?

Making a new retirement post every day. It’s the highlight of my day in CPAH.

When’s that being released? 👀

Right after this post of yours goes out. Jk haha, I don’t know, I’m still not quite satisfied with it, so give me a few days, or a few weeks, or a few months, or a year 👀

Kinda sus, guess I won’t release this! Moving on, what’s with your Rebel Cash obsession?

Rebel cash is prime money in CPA. Zamb and I work our butts off for it because it’s also prime gambling currency. Also cause we told Crazzy that one day we’d have more RC than she does. Oh right, one of my favorite things to do in CPAH is also pester Crazzy for Rebel Cash.

Poor Crazzy. Speaking of gambling, what kind of CPA bets have you placed lately?

Well none as of now :(( we’re still in the process of making enough RC to actually be able to bet big amounts xD

This is your chance to beg our readers to donate their Rebel Cash! Go for it, Luci!

Please donate all your Rebel Cash to LuciferStar#9279, every donation goes a long way. Help me for I’ll be eternally grateful, I totally promise not to gamble it all away and that this is for a just cause.

Only in #bots in RPF’s server, of course. I heard you got a dog recently — tell us about him!

Ooo yes so he’s the cutest husky in the world (yes cuter than Rio, Mehak), his name’s Loki and he’s 6 months old, everything’s amazing except the fact that he makes me run more than I have in my entire life IN ONE HOUR.


Aw, what a cutie! I think it’s about time to start wrapping this up, but I have a couple questions left. Pick a member of staff and profess your love for them.

@zamb are you a campfire? Because you’re hot and I want s’more.

10/10, pretty steamy. Final question: coffee or tea?

Hot chocolate!

I can’t win. Anything else you’d like to add?

Wash your hands.

Wise words! Thank you for the interview, Luci!

As a Chief Executive Officer, LuciferStar holds a lot of responsibilities within the Army Hub. He works hard every day to keep things running, and his hard work is appreciated by all! Tune in for next week’s Spill the Tea with yet another CP Army Hub staff member!

What do YOU think of our CEO and his choices of books, cute dogs, and staff members to be in love with? Who do YOU want to see interviewed next? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Vice President

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  1. I simp for e-girl Lucifer


  2. this was more boring than austins meet the board post.


  3. Love you Cassie great post ❤


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