Bouncing Back: How The Doritos Re-entered The Major Rankings

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – In an attempt to leave their low turnouts in the past, the Doritos changed their attitude this week and even managing to secure themselves a position in the Top Ten.

Two weeks ago, the Doritos of Club Penguin found themselves in a slump. With low event numbers and low troop turnouts, many could agree that they’ve seen better days. Because of this, they were only able to reach the top spot in the Small-Medium Army top ten.

However, last week, the Doritos excelled in their efforts and made it to the number four spot in the Top Tens. In what could be seen as a vast improvement to their previous week, what exactly did they do?


The Doritos began their week with some fun, a Stamp Event. Maxing a total of 51 troops and making a considerable difference to the week before, it gave the Doritos a large amount of optimism for the week to come.

DCP Stamp Event.


The army took a well deserved day’s break before jumping into Wednesday with two events. An AUSIA training event and a US event. The AUSIA session was held on the CP Private Server, SuperCPPS, this event maxed 40 Doritos troops.

While less than Monday’s event, former Doritos leader Dino, noted on their website post that while it was an early morning for the US troops, he commended them for doing their best to attend.

Showing love at their AUSIA event.

The Doritos took on the challenge to beat their troop record for that day and maxed 44 troops during their US event. Similar to Monday’s soiree, due to the popular attendance, there were lockouts at certain times during the event.

Wednesday’s second event.


To round of the week, the Doritos held another AUSIA event, this time maxing 29 troops. While this isn’t as many as others, it is certainly more than last week and still presented the Doritos with the right way to finish off a successful week.

Ending the week right.

Due to the success of last week’s events, the Doritos found themselves in the number four spot of the Top Ten, not only trumping the week prior’s positionings but being four spots away from number one.

CP Army Hub was curious to find out how the Doritos felt about their week of triumph and managed to get a statement from leader Rah:

The week went awesome for us! We definitely improved from last week. In regards to plans coming up, we’re hoping to remain in the major TT and not drop again hopefully haha. Our main priority is that everyone has fun and strive to be the best. My favorite event would have to be our stamp event! It was our first debut event on SuperCP with many Doritos in attendance. Overall, I don’t know if I can speak for the whole army but we’re motivated to be the greatest to ever do this 🙂

With positive words from Rah and a goal for this week’s Top Ten, could the Doritos be on course for that number one spot? Or will they fall from grace once again?

What do YOU think? Are the Doritos going to take number one this week? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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  1. Good Job Doritos! Well deserved!


  2. Congratulations to the Doritos!


  3. Sorry about asking here, but how did you get those gfx skin of the cpps client? I started searching but i didn’t found anything


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