Water Ninjas Resurface With A Splash

 UNKNOWN, Water Ninjas Empire: The Water Ninjas were once a powerhouse in the Small/Medium Army category. However, after the closure of Club Penguin, they shut down, seemingly for good. After being revived by members of the Ice Warriors, they have returned to army status once again.

The Water Ninjas, originally running from July of 2012 to February of 2017, was created by Jayden1092 and Mario86385. During this period, the Ninjas had many successes, consistently hitting sizes of 30+ troops. Like many, they had several up and down periods during their run. During their six original generations, they often became inactive but returned with fervor each time. However, after their closure in 2017, it seemed the Ninjas were gone for good.

An event picture from one of the Water Ninjas peaks, in 2015.

Defying all odds, the Water Ninjas have once again been revived for a seventh generation. However, there are some major differences as they return. For one, the Ninjas have made the decision to colonize under the Ice Warriors. This decision appears to have benefitted them, as, after just one day of being open, the Ninjas server already has over 50 members. The Water Ninja’s are being led by Firestar08 and Flav. Despite the recent drama with Firestar and the Elites, it seems as though he is back on his way to the top through the Water Ninjas. Flav is currently a staff member within the Ice Warriors. After their opening event, the Ninjas seem well on their way to becoming a formidable S/M army once again, maxing 18 penguins an impressive beginning to their newest generation.

X formation during their Opening Event.

Seeing the success that the Water Ninjas have generated in such a short time, it makes one wonder how they got here so quickly. CP Army Hub was able to obtain an exclusive interview with one of the current leaders of the Ninjas, Flav.

Why did you make the decision to revive the Water Ninjas?

Well after I and the other leaders retired from Coup Crusaders we were left without an army or colony to lead. But I love to lead, it would be a very long time until I could even have a chance to lead the Ice Warriors. I mentioned to Regan that I’d like to lead a colony again and we discussed many options. After discussing in a group chat that included Orange, we discovered that we could revive the legendary army, Water Ninjas. I was a bit hesitant since I’d be leading a army with a very good legacy. After a lot of thought, we returned the army as the main colony under Ice Warriors.

How do you think making the decision to colonize under the Ice Warriors will benefit the army?

This decision benefits both armies. The Water Ninjas have the opportunity to return and re-live their legacy. But it also benefits the Ice Warriors since Leaders In Training at the army would be able to receive their training at the Water Ninjas army. Also being colonized means we have a very good team of Advisors, here to guide the Water Ninjas on the right path. It’s tough during, in my opinion a dark age for CPA, to grow into the army the Ninjas once was, but it’s always worth a try.

Do you have any big plans for the Ninjas in the future?

All of our big plans are currently hidden from the community. However, we would love to see some veterans return to the army and help return the army to a legendary status.

The Water Ninjas seem to be on the rise to the S/M Top Ten. Will they be able to live up to their previous generation’s legacies? Where will Flav take them? Only time will tell.  

What do YOU think about the Water Ninjas’ return to the community? Will they remain active? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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