BREAKING NEWS: Water Vikings Declare War On Special Weapons And Tactics

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – In an abrupt announcement, the Water Vikings declared war on Special Weapons and Tactics today. This marks the break of a long period of peace between the two armies, following rising tensions between them.

The Water Vikings have been putting up a strong display in the army community. They ranked 6th in the Major Top Ten Armies list this week, with an enviable performance in each event. Special Weapons and Tactics, on the other hand, came 2nd in the S/M Top Ten, and their sizes were not far behind the Vikings. This war comes after tensions between the two armies began boiling to the surface less than two months ago. The Water Vikings released a public condemnation of SWAT, following Ganger90‘s attempts to steal troops from them and their allies through Discord. During this post, the Viking Commander Pjayo also admitted that he was ready to jump into war with SWAT if they continued to provoke the Vikings.

It appears that SWAT has paid no heed to the warnings. On August 26th, Water Vikings leader and High Council member Change released a website post, declaring war on SWAT. Water Vikings also scheduled an invasion of SWAT’s server Cream Soda for August 27th. The Water Vikings listed their war terms in the website post. Besides that, they also laid out a set of conditions that the SWAT must fulfil if they wish to avoid the war. This includes stripping their creator and leader Ganger90 of all power and merging with the Water Vikings.

Here’s what they had to say about their purpose of declaring the war:

For too long we have allowed these fools to hold onto too much land that is rightfully ours and have allowed them to talk in vain of the water viking name. We have allowed them to enter our own discord and steal our own troops with little punishment, but today that ends for today we march for Snow Shoe.

The terms scripted by the Water Vikings in their post.

Pjayo mentioned that if SWAT wanted to conduct peace talks, he was ready to hear them out. However so far, SWAT has shown no sign of desiring peace. They announced in their server that they will be defending the invasions and officially confirmed that they were at war. SWAT leader Kaliee responded to the Water Vikings’ invasion by saying that SWAT refused all of the war terms proposed by the Water Vikings. Almost an hour later, Ganger90 released an announcement answering the war declaration of Water Vikings:

Ganger90’s announcement.

Ganger90’s announcement included this old picture of talks with Buddy.

However, Water Vikings legend and High Council member Kingfunks4 revealed that the picture was of an undercover attempt to place Buddy in SWAT. Just an hour after their declaration went public, the Water Vikings held a Battle Training event which saw a maximum size of 27 troops. Alongside this, former Lime Green Army leader Karma was promoted to second-in-command. This comes after army legend Superhero123 rejoined the Vikings just yesterday.

Both the armies can be considered to have equal potential to win this war. The entire community is eager to witness their nail-biting tussle, as the armies promise a good fight. To get more insight into SWAT’s response to the sudden war declaration, the CP Army Hub team reached out to SWAT leader Coolguy:

The war is surprising but also exciting, today wasn’t the best day but this war is going to be a glorious one. I think that the reason for war is unclear, the demands are outrageous. Right now, SWAT is stronger than WV, it should be us who ask them to merge into us. Surrendering all of our servers, that’s not happening, we BLEED BLACK in SWAT so H*LL WILL BE UNLEASHED. Ganger stripped of all perms – he’s the creator of SWAT so why would we try to overthrow him like that, that’s just shady. That’s what I think of the terms. They can feel free to approach us for peace but bear in mind, they started this war, not us. We were sitting quietly soooo don’t blame us. Kay, thanks.

SWAT certainly has a lot of faith in their capacity to drive the invading wave away from their empire. However, the Water Vikings have been known to swell to huge sizes during wars. With the recent induction of Superhero123 and Karma, they look all set to unleash the wave. The CP Army Hub team reached out to Water Viking leader and member of High Council Change for an interview.

What were the circumstances that lead to the WV declaring war on SWAT?

Obviously there was the issue of ganger attempting to troopsteal a while back which definitely left a bitter taste in our mouths. however, swat have some cool people, so this doesn’t really involve any personal vendetta. I think I’m speaking for a lot of people in cp armies when I say that this period of “peace” has become dull and monotonous and we hope the break that stalemate and make armies exciting again.

On a personal level, do you think that SWAT should abide by the demands and settle for peace instead of fighting this war?

We probably didn’t make it explicit enough that those “terms” are a banterful way of us saying “we’re not just going to agree on a treaty after 3 battles”. So, just to make the record straight: those surrender terms are a joke.

Instead of proposing a no-allies term, WV hasn’t mentioned it. Is there any mechanism in place to deal with SWAT’s allies rushing to their aid?

hmmm, I think because swat and wv have the same allies it’s kind of a redundant term. However, wv have more reliable allies than swat, so if swat want to escalate the war beyond our 2 armies we will be more than ready.

The tensions between the two armies have now escalated into a full-scale war. SWAT appears confidant that they can ride over any wave that the Vikings produce. However, the recent events certainly make the Vikings look like the stronger side. Only time can tell how this exciting war will end for both armies.

What do YOU think? Will SWAT bleed black all over the Vikings? Or will the Water Viking’s wave wash SWAT away? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


9 Responses

  1. how does he think swat’s bigger then WV LOL!! the tt placements. anyways nice post! loved it


  2. Good luck to both the armies!


  3. I think WV Is Going To Win This War.
    Unless this war gets cancelled .


  4. Fear the wave!!! Also Cliff get a new pfp because you’ve stolen mine


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