Battle For Cream Soda: Water Vikings vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

ALASKA, Battle Server – Today, after an excruciatingly close battle with Special Weapons and Tactics against Water Vikings, only one army could come out victorious. Who was able to take Cream Soda? 

Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics both logged on to Alaska to fight for the ownership of Cream Soda. The Water Vikings recently declared war on SWAT and their first order of business was to steal away SWAT’s server. Their battle began with at 4PM EST with judges Zamb, PINK, and Spotty.

Room 1: Inside Mine

The harrowing battle began with 39 Water Vikings and 33 SWAT agents in the room. Both armies bombed the room, but the Vikings were first into a position. However, their first form was messy and SWAT had faster tactics and massive word bubbles. Throughout room one, WV’s formations, like their X, were messy and SWAT was able to cover them for a while after a few side swipes. Overall though, the judges decided it was too close and called for a tie.

First room that tied.

Room 2: Docks

For the second room, both armies immediately bombed. The two armies took a few seconds to move into forms. Sizes stayed the same here, but Water Viking’s formations allowed them to look larger than life while SWAT struggled to show themselves. Although SWAT’s tactics were well done and didn’t repeat like WV’s, the room still went to Water Vikings.

Second room that Water Vikings won.

Room 3: Iceberg

For the final room, Water Vikings and SWAT began with another bomb before the Vikings formed a messy triangle and SWAT slowed down considerably. Sizes for the culminating room were 29 for SWAT and 37 for Vikings. There were plenty of bombs for this room, as both armies tried to show off. In the middle of the room SWAT attempted to circle the berg, but that did not go over well with the judges. After minute 30 came up, the battle was over and Water Vikings won the room.

Last room that left Water Vikings as winners.

Battle Results

As seen in the pictures, this battle was a close one. Sizes were similar and both sides would pick up and slow down. The victorious army, however, was Water Vikings. If this is how their first battle of war went, how will the entire war go down?

What do YOU think? Will SWAT make a comeback? Did Water Vikings deserve this win? Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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  1. Congrats to WV on winning the battle, both sides performed well!


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