Fired Water Viking Leader Chainpro Hired As Templars Grand Prior

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – Following his sudden removal from the Water Vikings leadership, Chainpro has been hired as Grand Prior in the Templars Army. Why was he removed from the leadership just two days after joining the Vikings? What are Chainpro’s plans as a leader?

The Templars were founded on April 4th, 2018 by Xing, and despite being closed down and revived multiple times during the two short years, the Templars have risen to become one of the strongest and most infamous armies of the CPPS era. They have also been involved in many controversies and have made headlines with allegations of doxxing and threats, against their own troops and outsiders. The army experienced an eventful summer and was involved in a total of five wars. In early June, a war was declared on the People’s Imperial Confederation, solely to gain more land. Just a few weeks later, they found themselves against the Coup Crusaders, and in mid-July, the Templars entered yet another war, this time against the Lime Green Army. The Recon Federation decided to declare war on the Templars for doxing, discriminatory slurs, and antisemitic remarks just a few days later.

To continue, two and a half weeks ago, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Templars, marking their Third Clover Crusade. The Templars lost this war after their final server, Vanilla, was invaded and a force treaty was executed. Currently, the Templars are not involved in any wars and have been maxing between 22 and 33 in their past few events, placing 9th in the most recent Top Ten listings.

Templars Stamp event on the 25th of August

Chainpro joined the army community in the summer of 2019. Previously, he has led the Lime Green Army and created the Red Rebellion in July of 2019, which died just a month later in August. After this failed attempt, Chainpro moved on to revive the Army of Club Penguin under Mchappy’s blessing. This revival seemed to be a success, as the Army of CP is still very much alive and represented in the weekly Top Ten, although not under Chainpro.

In August of 2020, he spent a week as second in command of the Water Vikings, after which he was promoted to Commander on the 13th of August. This rank was short-lived, as the community was surprised by an announcement by Pjayo just two days later. On the 15th of August, it was revealed that Chainpro, alongside Colin, Zucculente and Jamie had all been attempting to IP grab community members. Thus, all four were fired from the Water Vikings, losing all privileges in the said army:

Pjayos announcement concerning the IP grabbing situation.

Not even two weeks later, the Templars hired Chainpro as their newest Grand Prior. This was announced with three other promotions, as Otter was promoted to Imperator, BayBay to Grand Marshal, and Astro to Leader in Training. Chainpro also made an announcement in the Templars Discord regarding his promotion:

Xing’s announcement.

Chainpro’s message following the announcement

In the said announcement, he expresses his fondness towards the High Command and his dislike for the CP Army Hub and his past home, the Army of CP. Chainpro also aspires to reach Templar legend status one day, implying that his stay in the Templars army will be longer than in Water Vikings. Chainpro certainly has sufficient experience in leading with his multiple and very notable, previous roles. How will Chainpro’s experience in armies affect the Templars? Will this leadership last? Will this affect the relationship between Water Vikings and the Templars?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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  1. Welcome Chain! haha


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