Romans Leader & Doritos Higher Command Leila Leaves Army Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Roman Empire – After a journey through several armies, Leila, a Roman’s leader and Doritos Leader-in-Training, has stepped away from the army community.

Leila has made an impact on the army community, from being a part of the Doritos of Club Penguin high-command, to creating her own army, the Animal Kingdom, and leading the Romans. Unfortunately, she must step away for personal reasons.

Leila began her time in the army community in the Redemption Force, after RF recruited her in March 2020. After getting to know her way around the community, Leila departed from the Redemption Force to begin her own army, the Animal Kingdom. Her army was a major success in the Small/Medium army community, but unfortunately, due to some issues, the army shut down in late May after merging with their brother allies, the Golden Troops. However, before the shutdown, the Animal Kingdom amassed over 100 members, making them a very successful S/M army. After merging the Animal Kingdom, Leila enlisted in the Doritos as a Third in Command. During her stint in DCP, Leila was able to rank up to a Leader-In-Training position and made an enormous impact on the DCP community.

The Animal Kingdom's final event, led by Leila

The Animal Kingdom’s final event, a practice battle vs. the Golden Troops

Leila will also be stepping down from her leadership position in the Romans of Club Penguin. The Romans have been on the rise recently, consistently being seen on the S/M Top Ten, as well as seizing multiple servers. With Leila’s leadership, along with several others, the Romans have had a boost in event sizes. Will the Romans be able to keep their success rate after Leila’s departure?

Leila's retirement from the Romans

Dino’s official announcement stating Leila’s departure from the Romans

Leila enlisted as a Third in Command in the Doritos after merging the Animal Kingdom with the Golden Troops in late May of 2020. After enlisting, Leila became a beacon within the Doritos. She truly stood out, doing everything from mentoring lower-ranking members of the Doritos to leading events with ease. Rah, a Doritos leader, have CPAH some insight to Leila:

She contributed towards the community side of DCP and making sure everyone felt like a family here. She’s a big advocate for mental health and provides resources for those who need it. She is truly one of a kind here.

Overall, Leila seems to have made a tremendous impact on not only the her own armies, but on the community as a whole. CP Army Hub was able to obtain an interview from Leila on her thoughts about leaving the army community.

First off, How are you feeling about your retirement? Do you think DCP or the Romans will change much after your departure?

my stepping back from DCP & Romans will be sad for me. I have made such amazing friends in both of these armies, and I thank them for allowing me to work alongside them. Many people know DCP was in a slump,  and I stayed dedicated to help us through the slump. Sure I wasn’t the biggest variable, but i’m sure I did something. Now that we’re out of that slump and our numbers are increasing, they’ll be alright. However, I will still be staying in DCP as advisor to help out.

I’m glad! If you had to pick a favorite moment from your time in the community, what would it be and why?

Oooh. tough question. I’m torn between starting my own army, and joining dcp and having the opportunity to meet such amazing people, many of which I consider life long friends. there’s a lot of negatives sometimes, and meeting these people just make me happier and enjoy this a lot more.

That sounds amazing! Finally, do you ever see yourself returning to a leadership position? (in DCP or elsewhere)

I’m not really sure. The main reason for me stepping down is to focus on college and irl things. There’s a small chance that i’ll come back completely to armies just because of that, but i’m always gonna have DCP as a home.

Leila seems confident that both the Doritos and the Romans will be able to continue to thrive after her departure. Will the Romans and Doritos be able to adjust following her retirement? Will they continue their recent success? Only time will tell.

What do YOU think about Leila’s retirement? How will her armies adjust? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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