SWAT Creator Ganger90 Enlists As Golden Troops High Command

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Army legend Ganger90 has recently returned to his former army, Golden Troops, as a member of their high command. Why has he returned and what will his return bring to the army?

The famous Golden Troops inducted a legendary troop, Ganger90, to their high command under the leadership of Honda and Rach. It is no secret that the Golden Troops’ max recently began to sink, but the leaders are sure that bringing a Golden Troops legend into their high command will help them get on the rise. Where will they go after Ganger’s induction to Second In Command?

Ganger90’s army journey started in 2010. He created the army known as Special Weapons and Tactics or SWAT. Golden Troops and SWAT are currently brother allies, a likely factor in Ganger’s induction to HCOM. Through Ganger’s journeys, he mentioned that one of the most important armies to him was the Golden Troops, and he was happy to accept the position to get GT back on track.

Ganger’s army experience is undoubtedly going to help him reach his GT goals. Since he is serving as Second In Command, it is similar to a situation he was in during 2011, when he led Golden Troop and SWAT at the same time.

The announcement welcoming Ganger back to GT

After his promotion, Ganger expressed his joy in the Golden Troops server, stating that the GT team would allow the army to go far and he was beyond happy to be their Second In Command. CP Army Hub reached out to Ganger to get a statement from him about joining GT.

I came back to help them get back on track and just be a contributor as a Second In Command although I’m still focused on helping SWAT as my main priority at the moment.
In addition to Ganger’s statement, CP Army Hub asked Rach for a few words about his induction to GT HCOM.
Since GT has been losing some HCOM members such as Aggie and Mighty, Ganger had dmed me after he noticed we were struggling a little and said he would be open to helping out in HCOM, and with him knowing GT really well and with having lead them in the past I thought he’d be a good fit. He’s also a really good friend of GT’s with being the leader of one of GT’s brother allies SWAT, I 100% know he’s gonna be a major help with the army and getting us back to the top.
Ganger90’s addition to the Golden Troops High Command brought forth enthusiasm and excitement from him and the leaders of GT. CP Army Hub wishes him luck in his new position. Where will the Golden Troops go from here? Will they shine again, or will they fade? Only time will tell, so we will have to wait and see!
What do YOU think? Will Ganger90’s addition to Golden Troops help them raise their max and get to the top of the S/M Top Ten? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
CP Army Hub Reporter
CP Army Hub Vice President

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