Coolguy Removed And Reinstated From Special Weapons and Tactics

SNOWSHOE, Special Weapons and Tactics’ Capital – A sudden turn of events was witnessed this morning as one of the current leaders of SWAT was removed and reinstated within only hours of each other. What events led to Coolguy’s removal and why was he returned so quickly?

Special Weapons and Tactics was founded in 2009 by Ganger90, and the army itself participated in many wars throughout the years of being open. The most notable ones being with the Army of Club Penguin, where they had constant tension until the year 2016. Even currently, they are at war with the Water Vikings that broke out a few days ago, following alleged troop stealing by SWAT. In the first battle of this war, SWAT defended Cream Soda and pulled an impressive 33 but still lost the battle to the Vikings:

SWAT vs. Water Vikings on August 27th.

This year alone, the army made history as they returned April 4th, following many years of being closed. After being open for a month, the army shut down in mid-May when they merged with the Doritos. However, that was not long-lived as only 2 weeks later Ganger90 reversed the merge as it was done without his approval. Since then, the army has been alive and well as they are currently averaging 20 troops, but are maxing up to 30. Along with a consistently high max, the army also places often placing high on Top Ten listing, as they most recently placed second on the small-medium Top Ten.

8/16-8/22 S/M Top Ten

With SWAT growing in size, there have been numerous leadership changes, with Sammi and Kaliee most recently joining their leadership. Although, there has been a very notable leader in this generation: Coolguy. Being that he is a SWAT veteran and first joined the army in 2012, he jumped at the opportunity of rejoining as second-in-command when the army was revived in April. Coolguy eventually ranked up to a leadership position, which he was promoted to on July 13th and since then he has been known for leading both SWAT and the Crystal Cowboys, who were rebranded from the Coup Crusaders earlier this month.

Regardless of Coolguy being with the army since their revival date, it seems that not everything has been well within the leadership. On August 28th, during early AUSIA times, Oli, the current commander of SWAT, announced Coolguy’s immediate removal from leadership. Being stated in this announcement, allegedly SWAT leadership voted upon his removal, thus saying this occurred due to differences in leadership:

Surprisingly, only hours later, but without a formal announcement, Coolguy’s leadership role was reinstated by Ganger90. Upon approaching Ganger90 to see what is occurring with the back and forward with Coolguy’s role, he simply stated that they are currently working things out. When the CP Army Hub approached some members of SWAT leadership, we were unable to receive responses. Although, similar to Ganger90’s answer, when we attempted to receive a statement from Coolguy, he stated:

We’re going to be sorting things out 🙂

Clearly, Coolguy has Ganger90 on his side as Coolguy returns quickly back to leadership. Furthermore, with Coolguy’s commitment to the army, it would be disappointing to see him removed again. After this quite an odd situation, it doesn’t seem that it ends here and that there may be more to come. Will Coolguy’s leadership reign last long? Or will it be hours before he gets removed again?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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  1. I wonder what the rest of the story is.. :sip:


  2. I love coolguy


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