Jake and Jona Join Lime Green Leadership Following New Council

UNKNOWN, Lime Green Army Empire – After a rough couple of weeks, the Lime Green Army has seemingly figured out their future, including a complete reworking of their High Command, along with a new council.

After a month of declining event sizes, and an overall lack of participation in the server, the Lime Green Army has had enough. An executive decision made by leaders DMT, Snapple, and Greeny, has shaken up both the ranks system and the council of the LGA.

The Lime Green Army’s council previously consisted of all LGA leaders and high command, but it has been announced that the council will now consist of LGA veterans and legends. The council is determined to bring the Lime Green Army back to its prime, as detailed in their website post. Can these changes bring back the LGA to the S/M powerhouse that they have proven to be?

A practice battle against the Pizza Federation on August 14th.

Along with changes in the council, there have been multiple leader promotions. The Lime Greens has welcomed Jakethebird and JonaG as leaders, with hope for them to boost the EU division of the LGA. Both of these members have shown innate leadership ability and the initiative to be able to take the LGA to higher places.

Jake has been in the army community since 2016, and his army experience is lengthy. He has been in several armies, including the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Underground Mafias Army, and the Crimson GuardiansJake has also been on the HCOM team of the Water Vikings and even created his own army, the Light Blue Army, which eventually shut down. In April of 2020, Jake decided to return to the LGA and has moved up in its ranks since then. Jona has been playing Club Penguin since 2011 but has only been active in armies for a few months. Although this is Jona’s first army, he has been extremely dedicated to the Lime Green Army in the past few months, working hard to get here. 

The CP Army Hub staff team was able to get ahold of both Jake and Jona for an interview on their recent promotion.

How are you feeling about your promotion? Were you expecting it?

Jake: I am feeling fantastic. Yes, I was expecting the promotion. My hard work and dedication led to Greeny telling me I would be the first choice once another leader retired.

Jona: I feel really honored and surprised by this promotion, it came at a time i was least expecting it.

Do you have any big plans for the future of the LGA?

Jake: As of right know we plan on focusing on our EU division. We want to recruit a lot and have fun tournaments. Our gaming divisions will be established soon so we hope they will get us even more active members.

Jona: Along with Jake we plan to strengthen the EU division of our army and getting more recruits from SuperCPPS. This will create a stable spanish community within our army.

Jake and Jona seem to be taking the army in the right direction, with multiple plans to increase event attendance. With the newly revitalized Council assisting them, the Lime Green Army seems well on their way to coming out of their slump.

What do YOU think? Will these changes be enough to bring the army back to full strength? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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