Kattle11 Promoted To Golden Troops Leader

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire A Golden Troop’s second in command, Kattle11, was promoted to a leadership position after only a few months of being in armies. Will she help lead the army into another golden age? 

The Golden Troops were created by Ganger90, Jerry, Riotors, and a few others on March 20th of 2010. They were in the top two armies and fought hard against other armies. The Golden Troops rested for many years after the original Club Penguin shut down until a few DCP staff banded together to revive this legendary army. The revivers, known as the “Founding 8,” included TheMightyA, Rach, and Aggiepie, along with others. Recently, GT’s max has gone down; struggling to max 10. Will this new promotion to leadership help bring GT back up?

Golden Troop’s latest event maxing 10.

Kattle11‘s Club Penguin army journey began in April of 2020. She joined the Mopfia, and ranked up to God Mopper, a staff rank. She moved to the Vikings, where she remained a member until she migrated to the Sun Troops. After the Sun Troops partially-successful merge in May, Kattle finally found her home in GT. She remained as a moderator and soon managed to rank up to 2nd in command. She dabbled in another army at the same time, and led the Bees of Club Penguin, a relatively unknown Small Medium Army. After she showed more initiative in Golden Troops, the current leadership gave her the promotion to leader.

The announcement regarding Kattle’s promotion.

Rach and the Golden Troops were excited to see Kattle in the leadership position after months of hard work. She has experience with leading armies, and she will help the Golden Troops back up. To get more information about the promotion, CP Army Hub went to Kattle11 herself for an exclusive interview.

What are your overall feelings about your promotion?

I was a bit shocked because it happened so fast and I wasn’t expecting to be leader today, however I’m really happy and excited for this new chapter of leadership there.

How do you plan to help the Golden Troops in your leadership position?

I plan on helping bring back our numbers and increase our army in size.

What are you most excited about as leader of the Golden Troops?

I’m most excited that I get to be leading alongside my friends and help grow the army.
Kattle is clearly excited and grateful for her promotion to leader. She plans to help bring the army back in sizes and reputation, and wants what is truly best for the army. Will she help bring GT back to golden glory? Could she become one of the most renowned army leaders in CP Army Hub?
What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!

CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. Congratulations Kattle!


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