The ‘September Drop’: What Does It Mean For The Army Community?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – In previous years, the month of September is notorious for a decline in activity within the army community. What is the cause and what effect will this year’s drop have?

Firstly, what exactly is the September Drop? For those who are unaware, September is the month famously known for its drop in troop activity within the community. Because of this, armies hold fewer events and low troop turnouts become common.

Why does this happen? For many within the community, September marks the end of Summer and the beginning of a new academic year, or, for those who no longer attend school, many also return to their place of work after their Summer break.

For major armies, this may seem like a somewhat minor issue as the absence of a few troops would make little difference to consistently high troop numbers. However, for the Small-Medium army community, this may prove more challenging.

This is not a new phenomenon, in previous years the drop has seen to destroy some armies, with others barely scraping through.

Water Viking announcement from 2016.

What does this mean for the community this year? Even in these extraordinary circumstances, many in the community will be returning to their daily lives and have to dedicate their time elsewhere, meaning there will be a noticeable decline in events and troop numbers.

When compared to the rest of the year, however, the drop in numbers may seem considerably larger than that of previous years, but with people forced to stay home, it became a positive impact for the community with a stark increase in events and troop turnouts beginning around April and continuing to mid-July. Nevertheless, people found time during their summer break to interact with fellow troops!

This year’s drop may have a big effect on small/medium armies. In the community, this year has shown a big influx of new S/M armies and while this is a vastly positive expansion to the army community, the lack of troops within these armies may lead these armies into unexpected merge or even premature closure. Will the small/medium armies survive?

CP Army Hub reached out to a few army leaders to get their thoughts on the upcoming drop:

Cosmo, Rebel Penguin Federation

The Fall Drop. It was bound to happen ever since the quarantine took place, sure sizes were great, the community was thriving. But, it had to end at some point. Right now it hasn’t effected RPF in a terrible manner. Our event schedule is still good for the majority of our troops. While the drop is inevitable, it’s not impossible to sustain good sizes throughout Fall and into Winter. Our AUSIA division is doing pretty good at this time of the year and I’m glad to see that happen. It will surely be hard to keep these sizes maintained, but RPF will never back down, we’ll keep rising and we’ll prevail in this “September/Fall Drop” and keep our streak of #1 in TT intact. Fight the good fight.

Dino, Pizza Federation

I think the upcoming fall drop will be a difficult one. With RL schools having to change up their schedule heavily, it’s going to be a lot to handle. Though, I think the September drop will end up being like every other. The reason we’ll lose more people this drop is simply because this summer (and spring) people have had the opportunity to be more free. PZF will most likely return to its usual max 10, RPF max 50-65, ACP max 30, etc. It may seem like a huge drop, but in comparison to the other years, it’ll essentially be an average year, if not a bit more active simply because of some people still learning from home. PZF will survive fall just like in 2018 & 2019. It won’t really hurt us since we have a very stable and loyal army base all year round. It just might hurt recruitment and rogue events. But otherwise our training max won’t be hurt heavily.

Ben, Ice Warriors

Every army will be effected by the September/Fall size drops because of school which is something out of hands that will force some retirements from army leaders and hcom but it shouldn’t effect armies with older age range too much. It’ll effect IW like any major army.

Honda, Red Ravagers

So in RR we utilize both our troops and allies in out attendance. for the september/fall drop we will most likely see a larger drop off as majority of our army will be leaving for school. I on the other hand should be able to keep a good schedule for events and recruiting as I know that my schooling schedule will be a bit different. so event quality might drop a little bit, but we will power through the drop none the less. we’ve been observing some of that drop already for some armies so we see how we can do better than that to overcome it. other than that RR plans to stay healthy with our multiple events and good sizes and hope to see all the others do so too.

With the optimism from army leaders from around the board, it is clear armies both big and small intend to see the end of September. Will this year’s drop have little effect on the community? Or will the community see noticeable vacancies when September end?

What do YOU think? Who will survive the drop? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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