Sorcerers Cast Final Spell: Indefinite Closure Announced

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Sorcerers Of Club Penguin – Just over 2 months after the creation of Sorcerers, they are on their last leg – or so it seems. Lewis, Sorcerers leader, made an announcement earlier today declaring that Sorcerers will go on hiatus but what does this mean for the Sorcerers?

The Sorcerers Of Club Penguin first appeared in June and were created by Lewis7366. During the start of Sorcerers, they were quick to find allies who, to this day, they are still close to. Since then, they have held a plethora of events including invasions and defences.

One of the struggles that they have continued to face since their creation is their low sizes. During their first event recorded in their server, they managed to gather 10 troops online at the iceberg. However, they fell in their next event only managing to reach a maximum of 5 penguins.

The Sorcerers first event on a Club Penguin Private Server.

Since their 2nd event, they’ve averaged 5 troops overall. A notable event for the Sorcerers was their defence of Icicle against Erika’s Of Club Penguin. This, however, was part of their downfall as they failed to defend against Erika’s who had the size advantage throughout the battle.

Sorcerers unsuccessful defence of Icicle

Earlier today, Lewis7366 announced the indefinite closure of the Sorcerers declaring that they were going on hiatus. The announcement stated:

While talking to fellow army leaders it has come to my attention that armies have taken a toll on me and my mental health…Sorcerers will not be shutting down but will be on hiatus until I am able to lead again. All land that Sorcerers own is being transferred to our allies, Fighter Pilots.

While it seems like Lewis7366 has been suffering within the army community, long time allies Figher Pilots appear to be gaining land as a result. The strong alliance between the two armies is clear.

Club Penguin Army Hub approached Sorcerers leader Lewis7366 to ask him a few questions.

Did you think Sorcerers would last this long?

I actually thought we would have lasted at least a month just as shadows did. They only lasted a month but lasting this long gave me hope

While Sorcerers has lasted for over 2 months, it’s consistently maxed 5-6 during events. What do you think is the cause of this and how do you aim to improve this when you come back?

The cause of it is timing. I am the only staff member of SOCP that is US time ( EST) while others like Froggie and Peppa are BST and recently Rae had moved so she is now IST which throws our events off completely. That will be the first thing we improve on when we come back

In the announcement, you mentioned that your mental health has suffered because of the community. Could you tell us a bit more about this and why you think this has happened

I get overwhelmed a lot and its not caused by just one thing. It’s by multiple things. When I get too much on my mind I start to go all over the place and then have an anxiety attack. This has happened for years. People have been asking me about merging and about quitting and about a lot of other things with armies.

When it was about armies, what made it happen the first time was the invasion of our capital in CPAH. I know it’s a game but at that moment I was panicking because nobody was responding and I was all alone. Then people had started to tell me the invasion was invalid, which gave me hope, but it just came down on me all at once which made me really nervous.

You have declared that Sorcerers will be on hiatus but how long can we expect this to last? Also, how long do you think/hope the army will continue for?

This hiatus I had said will last until I am ready to lead again and once my mental health is stable, which it can possibly take up to a month. I am hoping for Sorcerers to come back stronger than ever and to really focus into the CP community. I am hoping for Sorcerers to last another 6 months

Both Lewis7366 and Sorcerers are having a had time within the community but they are determined to recover. It is clear when Lewis7366 returns he has many plans for the army. Will his plans will lead them to future successes?

What do YOU think? Will Sorcerers come back stronger than ever before or will they wither away? Let us know in the comments below!


Club Penguin Army Hub Reporter


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