Underpaid and Overworked Cup [FINALS]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters – The four in the semi-finals competed to design a Chaos server banner and icon. Find out who’s advancing to the finals, and what will be involved!

As the semifinals come to an end, the graphics tournament is nearly finished. Without further adieu, here are the results for finals. Congratulations to everyone who participated, everyone’s entries were wonderful but the judges came to a conclusion.

Click here for an enlarged version of the bracket!

Maxine’s entry will unfortunately not be making it to the finals. Great work though!

Haley‘s entry, which was great, but will not be making it to the finals!

Now, for the winners!

Zambi’s entry will be making it to the finals!

Koloway’s entry will be making it to the finals!

Thank you to our semifinalists for making wonderful submissions, their work is truly some of the best in the community. As the tournament comes to an end


>>> The deadline for submitting the icon is September 4th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). <<<

Yep, you heard that right. A FULL SITE DESIGN for any army! Previously, SM Army Central’s graphics tournament ended with the same theme. We saw in their finals, Security and Ice Warrior’s recent retiree Ben compete for a chance to win the finals. History repeats itself, and here we are holding the same finals.

For Zambi and Koloway, they have to design a full site design, which includes a site background, header, and buttons.

>> Information <<

  • Header dimensions are 904 x 415.
  • The site background dimensions are 1980 x 1020.
  • The buttons can be any size, but have to include the following:
    • Home, Join, Ranks, Legends, History, and Empire.
  • Remember, this is for ANY army!

As for backgrounds, you can find them easily on Google through searching “Club Penguin background”. If you do not understand what an inner is or have additional questions, you can message me at zamb#9873. To submit your graphics, please send it over to Pookie437 in a direct message. If you have any questions, you can ask me for more information. Otherwise, good luck! Can’t wait to see what site will be made.

What do YOU think? Can’t you wait to see what kinds of headers, backgrounds and buttons are made in this round? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer



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  1. ZAMB WROTE THE POST! BIAS BIAS BIAS. Fr tho, gl in the finals!


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