Ben Retires From 8-Month Ice Warriors Leadership Stint

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – During a time heavy with retirements, the Ice Warriors bid goodbye to yet another leader. Less than a few weeks after Madhav’s retirement, Ben will be stepping down from his position as a leader in the Ice Warriors and will remain as an advisor instead. 

Ben first joined armies in November 2013 after being recruited by the Nachos. However, he remained inactive until he joined the Ice Warriors in July 2015. After joining the Ice Warriors, Ben quickly rose through the ranks and became a part of the staff. Nevertheless, he retired in December to focus on school. Over the next few years, Ben would come back occasionally to aid the Ice Warriors, before ultimately leaving to focus on real life matters. During the period the Ice Warriors were shut down, he stayed in Chaos for a while as a second-in-command. He also led the Golds and the Night Rebels

However, despite his brief stints in other armies, Ben was always an Ice Warrior at heart. Once he caught wind of the Ice Warriors’ return in late 2019, he did not hesitate to rejoin. He ranked up to leader by January of 2020 and also became a part of the Board of Directors for the Club Penguin Army League. Under Ben’s leadership, the Ice Warriors remained #1 on the Top Ten at the CP Army League for two and a half months. They also maxed 165 at the March Madness semi-finals, a record size for the Ice Warriors in both the CPPS generation and the original Club Penguin generation. To commemorate his hard work, the Ice Warriors inducted Ben into their Hall of Fame as an Ice Warrior Icon. 

IW before their battle against DCP in the March Madness semi-finals, maxing 165

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. On August 25th, the Ice Warriors leaders announced an event in their Discord server titled “Ben’s Final Event“. This event started as a regular training event but was declared at the last minute to be a practice battle against the Templars. They maxed 77 and won with a 3-0 sweep, all while sporting monkey costumes in honor of Ben. 

Ben’s final event, maxing 77

As his career in the Ice Warriors comes to an end, CP Army Hub reached out to Ben for an exclusive interview to discuss about his retirement.

How did you decide on retiring?

I’ve had it planned long ago.

For what reasons are you retiring? 

A busy school year beginning.

What was your experience like in leading the Ice Warriors since you returned? 

It was a great time, met lots of great people and made a lot of friends. 

Awesome, that’s great to hear. What are your plans in the future? Do you plan on returning to armies or the Ice Warriors sometime in the future? 

For now, I’ll advise for the time being. No, but if another pandemic occurs it may happen. 

What do you expect the Ice Warriors to achieve in the future? How do you think they will fare having just lost an excellent leader? 

Ice Warriors will be completely fine, we have a great system that can make them achieve even more heights in the September fall. We got very capable people ready to fill in big shoes. 

Looking forward to it! What piece of advice might you offer to the current and incoming leaders or staff? 

Keep marching forward.

After eight long months of leading, Ben has stepped down to focus on his real life matters. He seems confident in the future success of the Ice Warriors despite his departure from the leadership. However, one question remains. Will the Ice Warriors continue their successful streak, or will they fall victim to the September drop?

What do YOU think? What changes will come to the Ice Warriors after the departure of Ben? Will they rise to new heights or slowly spiral into a downfall? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. We will always love you ben! 🐒


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