End of Summer Awards 2020: Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The voting period for the first annual Army Hub ‘End of Summer Awards‘ has concluded, and the results are in…

For the past week, the members of this community have been casting their votes to crown an array of nominees across a range of highly coveted categories. The votes have been counted and verified, and the CP Army Hub administration are very excited to reveal the winners and runners up. So without further ado, we present the End of Summer Awards 2020 results.

The Awards

Most Achieved

First place: Iceyfeet1234 (65 votes)

Second place: Flen (56 votes)

Third place: Ultipenguinj (52 votes)

Iceyfeet1234 surpasses your model leader to such an extent where he sets a nigh impassable benchmark. Having created the Ice Warriors in 2007, he still plays a vital role in the Ice Warriors in 2020. His massive role in the Ice Warriors new golden generation and key involvement in the CP Army League as part of the Board of Directors has earned him the title of “Most Achieved in the Summer of 2020”.

~ LuciferStar


Best Leader

First place: Crazzy (61 votes)

Second place: Regan (57 votes)

Third place: Meerrkat (54 votes)

Inaugurated as the Rebel Penguin Federation’s 113th leader on June 4th, 2020, Crazzy has had quite an eventful summer. Shortly after her inauguration, Crazzy managed to lead RPF to their biggest sizes of all time, reaching a max of 162 during the Legends Cup X Semifinals against the Ice Warriors. Keeping up the momentum, she led RPF to a max on 155 en route to winning their Finals matchup against Help Force. Crazzy was a strong advocate in forming the Black Ice Alliance, one of the most monumental army alliances ever seen. From solidifying RPF’s foreign relations to holding some of the largest events ever seen, Crazzy has definitely earned her title of Best Leader.

~ Pookie


Best Higher Command

First place: Elexonck (Rebel Penguin Federation) (66 votes)

Second place: Dizzy (Ice Warriors) (58 votes)

Third place: Chamitao (Templars) (52 votes)

A core member of the Rebel Penguin Federation’s EU division, Elexonck is for sure a vital part of any higher command. Elexonck first earned a spot in RPF’s HCom in January 2020, further working her way up to Second in Command in May of that same year. During her tenure, she has played a big role in daily RPF affairs, running RPF’s YouTube team, and assisting in foreign affairs. With all of this being said, Elexonck has earned her title of Best Higher Command.

~ Pookie


Best Army

First place: Rebel Penguin Federation (74 votes)

Second place: Ice Warriors (60 votes)

Third place: Pirates (51 votes)

The Rebel Penguin Federation have held a strong position right through 2018, and the summer of 2020 was no less. Their firm grasp over the top of the Top Ten is just a mere display of their phenomenal sizes which the community got to witness in the prestigious Legends Cup X, which they eventually ended up winning. Their multiple awards and breathtaking consistent sizes has solidified their claim to the Best Army of Summer 2020.

~ LuciferStar


Best Small-Medium Army

First place: Recon Federation and Special Weapons and Tactics (62 votes each)

Second place: Crimson Guardians (44 votes)

Third place: Pizza Federation (28 votes)

The best small-medium army is an award that goes hand-to-hand with the best army. Since CPA’s creation, both major and small-medium have been divided through different top tens. Under a unified banner doesn’t change much, as both still exist as different classifications. Taking this award is surprisingly a tie between both SWAT and the Recon Federation of CP. After dominating Club Penguin Online and an unofficial merger, Ganger90 revives SWAT for another run. Their revival made it clear that SWAT wishes to rule again, and this generation is living up to those expectations. They’re a top small-medium power rivaling the likes of major armies and are involved with the community’s politicking. On the other hand, the Recon Federation is controversial, but their sizes are undeniable. In the many conflicts they’ve engaged in, RFCP were able to hold their own and dominate the rankings with SWAT. Congratulations to the two armies.

~ Zamb


Biggest Rise

First place: Lime Green Army (61 votes)

Second place: Help Force (58 votes)

Third place: Army of Club Penguin (41 votes)

The biggest rise is a grand award given to the greatest comeback from an army. The Lime Green Army reopened its doors in April and was the talk of the town, maxing strong sizes of 10-15. From April to May, the Lime Green Army’s maxes fluctuated and saw both drops and short-lived rises. World War Rewritten, leadership changes, or inactivity can attribute to the army’s inconsistency. Yet, their fall in rankings only incited the limes. Since June, the Lime Green Army held more events, increased their recruits, and had greater involvement in the community. Before maxing unstable sizes of 3-10, LGA’s work paid off and has seen several debuts in the Major Top Ten maxing 20. Congratulations again to the Lime Green Army, their rise was outstanding.

~ Zamb


Best Tournament

First place: Legends Cup X (117 votes)

Second place: Beach Brawl and March Madness (60 votes each)

Third place: Challengers Cup (16 votes)

The Legends Cup, the biggest tournament of the year. This years Legends Cup, the Legends Cup X, somehow signified more than just your regular tournament. Battles fought with sizes never seen before, explosive scandals, exposed armies, unexpected victories, and of course the nail biting overtime battles. The Legends Cup X had it all, and beneath all of this, it was also symbolic of what was soon to be: a partnership between the two organisations CP Army Media and CP Army League. It is with no doubt in my mind that I can say that the Legends Cup X was truly deserving of the title, “Best Tournament of the Summer of 2020”.

~ LuciferStar


Best War

First place: World War Rewritten (83 votes)

Second place: The Black Ice Alliance (and Allies) vs. ‘The Small-Medium Community’ (58 votes)

Third place: The Badboy War (35 votes)

World War Rewritten lasted a total of 8 days, from April 24th to May 2nd. The Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Army of Club Penguin three days after a series of staff messages were leaked by a mysterious alias known as ‘The Man With The Plan’. The same day, ACP allies the Chaos and Kings of CPR declared war against the RPF, and the next day – April 28th – the first four battles of WWR were fought. However, as there was no league in operation, each side claimed victory. The Warlords of Kosmos then initiated war against the Chaos, while the ACP and People’s Imperial Confederation similarly declared war on the other. This was followed by the Lime Green Army declaring conflict against the ACP and Chaos, who in turn declared war back.

On August 29th, Chaos invades RPF’s capital Tuxedo and both sides bring allies. This battle can be seen as the true start of World War Rewritten as over 250 penguins from 10 different armies logged on for the biggest battle in CP Armies: The Game history at that point. As the war raged on, the Pizza Federation, Help Force and Recon Federation join the action. The war ends on May 2nd when the Army of CP ceases fire with the Rebel Penguin Federation. Terms were set and both armies agreed to cease war operations until September 29th, 2020.

~ Max


Best Small-Medium Army Leader

First place: Prior Bumble (66 votes)

Second place: Honda (45 votes)

Third place: Ganger90 (33 votes)

Prior Bumble is one of the community’s most notorious figures, known for being the sole leader of the infamous Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Love or loathe him, his impact on the community this year has been undeniable. The Recon Federation made headline news back in July when they announced their return to the army community, allied with former enemies the Lime Green Army, and declared war against the Templars. Just days later an invasion of the Mango Corps saw the Ice Warriors intervene, resulting in several skirmishes with the Black Ice Alliance. Most recently the army representatives voted to ban them from the league aspect of the Army Hub, but their presence is still felt community-wide through the media and weekly Top Ten listings. Despite the varying and extreme opinions about Prior Bumble, his impact on the community – for good or for bad – makes him a controversial but arguably deserving recipient of this award.

~ Max


Best Reporter

First place: Rosie (63 votes)

Second place: Scorpion Demon (57 votes)

Third place: Sarahah (46 votes)

The reporting staff at the CP Army Hub are a huge part of the organisation, and very often overlooked or underrated. They work continuously to keep up with the fast-moving nature of the army community to provide top-quality content. Rosie is one such reporter, having joined the CP Army Media’s reporting team at the end of June 2020. Since then, and throughout the merge with the CP Army League to form the Army Hub, she has worked extremely hard to produce some fantastic content for the readers to enjoy.  She has completed a total of 13 articles, including an insightful look at the ‘Growth and Success of the AUSIA community’. She’s covered breaking news, including the Recon Federation’s shocking declaration of war against the Templars, and more recently covered the latest addition to the Lime Green leadership. She is a joy to work with and a much loved and appreciated member of the media team. A well-deserving recipient of this award.

~ Max


Biggest Retirement

First place: Ultipenguinj (71 votes)

Second place: S Cargo 2 (57 votes)

Third place: Agent 11 (46 votes)

After dedicating his time to the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ultipenguinj remains a fan-favorite Rebel Commander. RPF reached sizes never seen before in the CPPS era under his leadership. Under his direction, Ulti eased the Rebels back into the CPA community with the Strike Force, and though that disbanded, he brought RPF to number one on the top ten as a result of their reintroduction to the community. Despite his retirement being relatively quiet, his work with the Rebel Penguin Federation and the community left a huge mark and set a precedent for Rebel Commanders to follow. All that together, Ultipenguinj’s impact awards him the Biggest Retirement of the summer.

~ Cassie


Report of the Summer

First place: Is It Really Just A Game? by LuciferStar (72 votes)

Second place: CPAM Special Report: Pirates Disqualified From Legends Cup X For Mass Multi-logging by Max (42 votes)

Third place: Is This The Golden Age of CP Armies? by Kingfunks4 (32 votes)

Other than the league, CP Army Hub’s specialty is the news. Among the diverse topics covered, a few stood out for their content. Out of the several posts reviewed, former CP Army League’s Chief Executive Officer LuciferStar’s post takes the trophy. “Is It Really Just a Game” outlines the roles of CPA being more than a virtual penguin game. The army community created administrated leagues with referees (judges), designers, reporters, and others. An extensive community like ours appeals to a global audience and is definitely not a game like we’ve thought it was. Lucifer’s thought-provoking editorial analyzed the society we built upon a children’s game and is deserving of being this summer’s top report.

~ Zamb


Brightest Bulb

First place: Da Best and Pizzagang (98 votes each)

Second place: CP Master (36 votes)

Third place: Krill (17 votes)

Da Best is truly a model troop and is a great asset for any army. Da Best began his bid for Brightest Bulb after creating his own army, Da Best Army, and creating a CPOAL Exposed blog. Fast forward and after an unceremonious ban from CP Army Hub, Da Best journeyed out and sought to improve his own army, Janitors. After making numerous unsubstantiated claims and fake accounts against CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer Pookie437, he was shockingly let go from his position at Sub Zero Army League. But when one door closed for Da Best, another one opened. He soon would join the army where he currently resides, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. After messaging CP Army Hub staff bragging about how he would steal their ideas and implement them into RFCP, it is surprising why anyone would dislike Da Best or call him annoying. While some people are great, some people are just Da Best. Congratulations to this year’s Brightest Bulb.

Pizza Gang holds a ton of influence in the community. From his podcast to his army, there’s never a dull moment. Despite his podcast’s cancellation in CPAH, Pizza Gang held his head up high when he yelled at the Army Hub staff. When he was removed from the server, he wasn’t afraid to come back, even if it was obvious. With this, Pizza Gang is awarded the Brightest Bulb award.

~ Pookie & Cassie


Most Controversial Moment

First place: ‘The Man With The Plan’ Leaks ACP Staff Chats To Community; World War Rewritten Ensues (108 votes)

Second place: Pirates Disqualified From Legends Cup For Multilogging; Epic101 Removed as Head of CPAL Board (93 votes)

Third place: The Doritos Gokhan137 YouTube Stream (35 votes)

‘The Man With The Plan’ spectacle dates back to April and May and witnessed a mysterious figure release the contents of the Army of Club Penguin’s staff and higher command group chats on a dedicated WordPress website. The event shook the entire community, as the contents included screenshots that were “Against RPF, CPAM, and HF”. The impact of the Discord leaks led to a declaration of war from the Rebel Penguin Federation on the Army of CP, and thus World War Rewritten began, involving nearly every army in the CP Rewritten community. With the real identity of ‘The Man With The Plan’ still unknown, will we ever find out who was behind the leaking of the Army of Club Penguin?

~ Max


Best CEO

First place: Pookie437 (98 votes)

Second place: Kingfunks4 (62 votes)

Third place: LuciferStar (31 votes)

Pookie437 took the community by a storm, having worked his way up CP Army Media initially and served as its Executive Producer through its golden age, Pookie437 has continually played a vital role in CP Army Hub as one of its first CEOs, his quick yet articulate wit has kept the community under the same umbrella since its merge. His expansive work as part of both organisations as well as key role in the planning of multiple tournaments has cemented his claim to the position of Best CEO of the Summer of 2020.

~ LuciferStar


Best CPAH Administrator

First place: Max (128 votes)

Second place: Cassie (49 votes)

Third place: Zamb (44 votes)

Maintaining the order of both the league and the website is none other than the administrators. Not to mention, administrators are the dogs to both Pookie437 and LuciferStar. According to the community’s vote, the best administrator at CP Army Hub is none other than the current Executive Producer, Max! Max maintains the hub’s news part to the utmost quality and is also involved in league decisions. Since his career began at the CP Army Media as a reporter, Max worked himself up the ranks and into the administration. His determination, leadership and informative special reports only prove why Max deserves this award.

~ Zamb

Admin Picks

Mister Max’s Catch of the Summer: Epic101 with “Dcpalt1”

In a summer packed with multilogging accusations, confirmations, and disqualifications, the administration dug through every instance they could to find mulitloggers. We did not finish the summer empty-handed — in fact, we found so many, we have an award for it! This award goes to Mister Max’s favorite username catch. Without further ado, Mister Max’s Catch of the Summer goes to Epic101 with “Dcpalt1”! Congratulations!

~ Cassie

King Pookie’s Chatty Cathy Award: Tsanami

The Chatty Cathy award goes to the individual who is always in CPAH voice chats and text chats. This year’s winner is none other than Tsanami! Tsanami consistently sends the most messages in CPAH week after week and you can always see her, regardless of what channel you’re in. Congratulations to Tsanami for winning King Pookie’s Chatty Cathy Award!

~ Pookie

Captain Cassie’s Plagiarism Prize: Recon Federation

During any community event that requires voting, it’s a given that armies will suggest to their troops who to vote for. Usually, armies leave thinking room for their troops to make their own choices on some options, but one army decided to fill out and entire ballot and suggest that their troops submit it. The Recon Federation of Club Penguin managed to have various members submit 48 entirely filled out duplicate ballots, therefore leaving no room for troops to make their own decisions and skewing some of the results you have seen here today. While the Recon Federation of Club Penguin as a whole is a recipient of this award, this award more specifically goes to CoffeeBean, Joshafter, Coolj, (he actually voted for Dizzy instead of Chamitao) Anilia, Djchoruskid, October Leigh, El Huachimingo, JustinTFC, Prior Bumble, Random, Dani58, Bearz, Ratlord, How is this a username, Reap, KrispyYeet, Paleocacher, Spooky, Mikan, Pink_Cloud_8, DabOnAliA, Babybhoo, Ace, R1D0, Masami, Arne, HamsterLover, Paperback Adia, Dolepie47, Shy Guy, PhantomTFC, SniperShan, Cookie714, Blueback89, Sillabye, Clouds, Virtual Sea, RaiRai, Waluiigigigi, Ccjay, Master0, matt!, Gogan, DrewIs, and Origins 654. Congratulations to you all for winning Captain Cassie’s Plagiarism Prize!

~ Pookie

Zamb’s Acceptable and Exceptional Advisor Award: Fake Emcee

Despite the controversies advisors sometimes find themselves in, CP Army Hub has a fantastic set of nine eight advisors. However, for this award, we have to spotlight one in particular. Since her addition to the advisory panel, she has been nothing but a joy to work with. You could say she’s like the moon glowing in a dark night — a ray of moonlight, perhaps? Unlike old advisor real Emcee, she does not have a moon emoji in her name but she still proves to be even better than real Emcee. Fake Emcee works hard every day to advise the administration, calling us out just like real Emcee would except we actually listen to her. So, without further stalling, Zamb’s Acceptable and Exceptional Advisor is none other than Fake Emcee! Congratulations and make sure to rub it in real Emcee’s face next time you see her!

~ Cassie

Lucifer’s Star of the Summer: Everyone

This award goes to everyone in the community, whilst we all were able to enjoy a great historic summer, we often forget that it is us who make the community what it is. Be it the good, the bad, the ugly, the summer of 2020 was one that will never be forgotten. As we gear up for the September drop which will precede the farewells we’re forced to make to some members of the community, we’ve all already made some great memories that we’ll treasure for a long while even in our real lives.

You are the ones who shape the community. You are the very essence of it, and you are the Stars of the Summer of 2020. Thank you for making this summer awesome.

~ LuciferStar

There we have it – your 2020 End of Summer Award winners! We would like to offer a huge congratulations to all those that picked up an award, achieved a runner-up position, and were nominated. A special thank you to Zamb for creating the graphics involved with the awards. We’ll see you again in December for the ‘End of Year Awards‘ and highly coveted ‘Person of the Year 2020‘.

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!

Pookie437, LuciferStar, Max, Zamb, Cassie

The CP Army Hub Administration


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