S/M Top Ten Armies [8/23/20-8/29/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — A busy week in the small-medium community witnesses the return of a historic army and a close top three.

 1. Fighter Pilots [46.49]

 2. Templars [46.10]

3. Elites [44.65]

4. Silver Empire [44.60]

[NEW!] 5. Water Ninjas [37.50]

 6. Legoman Army [35.50]

7T. Army of the Orient Seas [31.00]

7T. One Direction Army [31.00]

9. Romans of Club Penguin [30.00]

 10. Lime Green Army [28.50]

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1. Fighter PilotsThe Pilots held a total of 8 events this week. Soaring into the week with a joint event with a Healthcare Profess. Appreciation event with Silver Empire where they maxed 23. Next in their action packed week, they faced of against the Red Ravagers in a battle where they achieved 17 pilots online. Following this battle they held a training event on NewCP where they reached 10 penguins. They tested the knowledge of pilots in a trivia event where they maxed 15. Their Saturday was spent invading Spruce (SZAL) where they reached 12 pilots online. They finished off their week with an AUSIA training event with a max of 12 and round 2 of the SZAL tournament where they reached 9 penguins.

2. TemplarsThe Templars started off their week with a stamp event, maxing 22. Next, they tossed pizzas throughout the island, recruiting about 20 chefs. Before their practice battle with the Ice Warriors, Templars held a training, with 24 preparing for the big battle. Although they lost, Templars performed well with 22 knights ready to crusade. Ending their week was a training event to prepare for next week’s schedule, maxing 21.

3. ElitesThe Elites began their week with a first round match for the Subzero Showdown tournament against the Recon Federation, maxing an incredible 30 penguins, and securing their place in the next round. Continuing through the week, they held a harrowing practice battle against the Doritos, maxing 18 in this close fight. Finishing up, they held two more events, a miner event on the 27th, and an AUSIA training event on the 29th, maxing 21 and 12 respectively.

4. Silver EmpireSilver Empire held eight shining events this week! They kicked it off with an AUSIA Find Four tourney, where they found four with a max of 9 penguins. They participated in SZAL Showdown against the Tamales, maxing 11. Next, they held a joint event with the Fighter Pilots, maxing 23 total between the armies. The Silver Empire hid around the island in a hide and seek event maxing 17 on Tuesday. Following this, they maxed 15 at a food themed event on Thursday. The Empire maxed 9 again at another Find Four event and 8 at a Card-Jitsu Fire tournament. Finally, they held an AUSIA sled racing competition that maxed 11 penguins.

5. Water NinjasThe Water Ninjas joined the army community this week with an action-packed opening event, maxing 19. Next, they had a practice battle against the Water Vikings with 22 members attending, and a fun hide and seek event where they maxed 11. Finally, they finished off their week by holding a quiet training event where they reached 14 members.

6. Legoman ArmyThe Legoman Army kicked off their week with an AUSIA Training which they brought a max of 17. On Thursday they went up against the Romans where they unfortunately lost but did max 11. Their final event of the week was a US Training event which they maxed 18 troops at.

7T. One Direction ArmyThe musical army had a grand total of 4 events this week. First, they had an adrenaline pumping sled racing tournament. The army saw a max of 8 for this fun event. Next in line was a highly successful Beach Tactics Practice event, where they wore unique costumes and maxed an impressive 18. They followed this up with another fast paced Tactics Practice event with 10 penguins online. The end to this memorable week was with a Card-Jitsu tournament which saw 8 penguins in attendance. Overall, the One Direction Army had an amazing week!

7T. Army of the Orient SeasAOS had a short but fun week this week only holding three events. Their first event was a fun start to the week with a Hide and Seek event which maxed 14 troops. They continued their streak of fun with a Star Wars themed U-Lead event maxing 13 troops total. Their final event for the week was an AUSIA sled racing event which also maxed 13.

9. Romans of Club PenguinThe Romans started out their week with a practice battle against ACP’s divisions Echo and Alpha. They were able to max 15 at this 3 way battle. Their second and final event of the week was on Thursday, where they participated in the SZAL Tournament, winning their battle with a max of 10.

10. Lime Green ArmyLGA had a quieter week, beginning with a highly anticipated tournament battle against the Red Ravagers, maxing 11. Not long after, they held a duck-themed recruiting session with 18 members.


What do YOU think of this week’s small-medium Top Ten Armies? Comment below with your thoughts!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

Ot_ter, Rosie, Sarah, Rah, FatChicken, Sheo, Regan, Robot, Semi, Sarahah, Scorpion Demon, PINK, Sophie, Henry


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  1. Cool! something i dont understand is that some pictures have a color non-related to the army


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