The Eagre Foray: Special Weapons and Tactics Defend Cozy

COZY, Battle Ground – The war between the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics continue with another extremely close battle. Who gets to stay cozy after the battle?

Prior to this, the Water Vikings had declared war on Special Weapons and Tactics and claimed Cream Soda for their first battle, leaving SWAT with nine servers. Today the Water Vikings and SWAT went head to head in their second battle of the week. Judged by a Head Judge Chaos, the battle for Cosy ensued, but who won?

Room 1: Cove

The battle started in the Cove. The Water Vikings immediately took the lead with entering and getting into formation slightly faster. Special Weapons and Tactics lagged behind with the infamous “WWWWWWWWWW” bomb and moved into a slightly messy upside down V. Once in form, both armies demonstrated sound tactics. In this first room, the judges counted 26 Water Viking troops and 24 Special Weapons and Tactics’ troops. Due to the Water Vikings having a slight edge on SWAT from the beginning, the first room was theirs.

Room 1: Cove

Room 2: Ship Hold

After a very close first room, both armies rushed over to the Ship Hold and entered the battle room simultaneously with bombs. Both armies formed a plus sign, which only emphasized how close this battle was. SWAT had a slight drop of size to 22, whereas the Water Vikings had risen to 27 troops, which gave them a slight advantage at covering. However, Special Weapons and Tactics impressed the judges with their tactics and quick formation changes, which culminated in their win of Ship Hold.

Room 2: Shiphold

Room 3: Stadium

The third and final room was the Stadium. Both armies entered quickly. The Vikings performed a “Doom” bomb and SWAT gave a “Wakanda Forever” bomb in tribute to Chadwick Boseman. The armies swiftly ran into formations to fight over the last room. Although SWAT had a slight size disadvantage of 22 to 26, they managed to pull off some very impressive wipes and a spotless X formation. In the last minutes of the battle, the Water Vikings also did some clean wipes and formations, but Special Weapons and Tactics had already dominated the room, which afforded them the win.

Room 3: Stadium

The second battle of the war between SWAT and the Water Vikings was surely one of the closest battles of the past few days. Head Judge Chaos ruled a 2-1-0 victory for SWAT. Congratulations to Special Weapons and Tactics on successfully defending Cozy!

Judges’ verdict

What do YOU think? Do you agree with the judges? How will the war between Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics develop? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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