Top Ten Armies [8/23/20-8/29/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The final week of August finishes with a surprise, as the army closest to first was abdicated.

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♦ 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [98.95]

↑ 2. Doritos of Club Penguin [85.16]

↓ 3. Ice Warriors [83.30]

4. Army of Club Penguin [69.72]

↓ 5. Help Force [69.50]

♦ 6. Water Vikings [60.30]

♦ 7. Dark Warriors [58.04]

♦ 8. Red Ravagers [51.16]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [50.88]

  10. Recon Federation of Club Penguin  [48.20]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had an incredibly action-packed week with eleven total events. They kicked their week off with a fun AUSIA hide and seek, maxing 41. Next up was a branch battle, where Pikachu went against Kermit. They had 67 troops in attendance, and team Pikachu took the victory. On Tuesday, they hosted two events. One was their AUSIA luau event called Operation Ohana—they maxed 47. The other was a US training, Operation Gotta Go Fast, seeing sizes of 55 Rebels. On Wednesday, they logged onto CP Rewritten for Operation Fathoms Below, a midweek EU event, and maxed 62. The next day, 61 troops attended an enjoyable Duck Takeover. Following that, RPF hosted Operation Ascension, also an AUSIA training, where they saw sizes of 47 Rebels once more. Just hours later, RPF continued with an interesting HCOMpetition event, where three high command members competed to see who could do the most tactics. For this event, there were 62 troops in attendance. At this point RPF hit 10k Discord members, so 50 penguins logged on for an unscheduled event, Operation Myriad, to celebrate this impressive milestone. Not neglecting their practice battles, RPF then logged on for Operation Unfazed, an AUSIA training to prepare for their practice battle against the Help Force. They ended up maxing an impressive 45 troops for this AUSIA. Finally, to conclude their week, RPF ended with yet another US branch battle, sporting a fun Egyptian theme and hitting a steady max of 57 Rebels.

2. Doritos of Club PenguinThe Doritos kicked off their jam-packed week with an AUSIA event on the 24th which maxed 33 penguins. For their second event on Monday, the Doritos maxed 54 troops for a Mod U-Lead event! Continuing their success in their AUSIA, they maxed an astounding 36 troops on the 25th. On Wednesday, the Doritos held two events, an AUSIA event and a practice battle against the Elites, maxing 55 and 39 respectively, and gaining a victory over the Elites. After their Wednesday successes, DCP was able to attain 47 troops for a US event! On the 28th, the Doritos logged on for an AUSIA event, maxing 39 troops. Finishing the week off strongly, the Doritos held both an AUSIA event and a US practice battle against the Red Ravagers. These events maxed 42 and 41, with the practice battle again resulting in a victory from the Doritos.

3. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors held three exciting events this week, all practice battles against various armies. The first was a division practice battle against the Water Vikings where the Warriors maxed 54 within their divisions — despite their loss, they had an awesome battle. Next, they had another division practice battle versus the Red Ravagers, with a max of 43 Ice Warriors. Finally, a monkey-themed IW opposed the Templars in a goodbye event for Ben; they maxed 75 monkeys.

4. Army of Club PenguinACP had 6 events this week. They started with a US Clown Takeover on Monday, maxing 35. On Tuesday, they held a branch battle with the Romans and maxed 42. The next day, they held an AUSIA battle training and maxed 35 penguins. The same day, they held a UK training, maxing 30. On Friday, their UK division went against the Tamales in a tournament battle, winning and maxing 37. To end off their week, they held an AUSIA practice battle vs CG on Saturday and maxed 27.

5. Help Force: The Help Force kicked off their busy week on Monday with an AUSIA Mummy takeover and brought 42 mummies to this event. The following day, they held an Operation Prowess event which maxed 36. On Wednesday, the Helpers held an EU Pharaoh Takeover, in which they brought 37 troops. The next day, they held an AUSIA Operation Gallantry which brought a max of 31 to this event. For their final event of the week, Help Force held a retirement event for their former leader, Tistle. They maxed 52 as they said farewell to their leader.

6. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings began their battle filled week on Sunday with a practice battle against the Dark Warriors in which they brought 21 troops. The following day they had a practice battle with the Water Ninjas where they also maxed 21. On Tuesday, the Vikings held a practice battle against the Ice Warriors divisions as they maxed 30 troops. On Thursday, the army invaded SWAT’s Cream Soda and maxed 47 while successfully taking the land. Their final event of the week was a war training on Friday which maxed 27 penguins.

7. Dark WarriorsThe Dark Warriors had an exciting week with 5 events. They began with a practice battle against the Water Vikings, maxing 40, followed by a Puffle Takeover where they reached a high of 25 penguins. Next, they had an AUSIA zoo-themed takeover with a max of 18 and a U-lead where 27 members showed up. Finally, they finished off the week with a training event where they reached their highest max with 41 penguins!

8. Red RavagersThe Red Ravagers kicked their week off with an exciting max of 13 penguins in the SZAL Showdown! Next, they had an AUSIA training event that maxed 15 ravagers. They opposed the Fighter Pilots in a practice battle where they maxed 14. The Ravagers logged onto CPR and maxed 10, then maxed 11 at a US training event. RR participated in an IW division practice battle, where they maxed 12 against the warriors. They held another AUSIA training with a max of 13. In a pizza-themed AUSIA event, the Ravagers maxed 16 penguins. During a practice battle with the Doritos, the Red Ravagers maxed 23 penguins. Finally, RR hit 17 ravagers in a US training event.

9. Special Weapons and TacticsSWAT hosted 4 events this week. They kicked their week off with an AUSIA training event, maxing 19. Next, they held a U-Lead event with a sturdy 26 troops in attendance. Following that was their defense of Cream Soda against the Water Vikings. They maxed an impressive 34 troops but unfortunately lost the battle. Finally, they ended their week with a SubZero Tournament event where they saw sizes of 23 penguins online.

10. Recon Federation of Club PenguinThe Recon Federation had a hectic week, packed with events. Starting off, they’ve held a brief U-Lead, maxing 6, which served as preparation for the much anticipated SubZero Showdown. Pitted against Elites, they maxed 41 but unfortunately lost. Next, they had a training event maxing 6, as well as a Marines-themed training, maxing 4. They saw several more training held throughout the week, max 15, 11, and 9 before ending the training schedule with a dance party maxing 10 and a pizza party maxing 13. A birthday party in honor of their troop maxed 15, and they had an EU event maxing 9.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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