“I’m just not feeling it anymore” Says Doritos Leader Jester Upon Retirement

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – On August 31st, Doritos legend and ex-leader Jester released a website post announcing his imminent retirement. In said post he states,”Idk man.. just not feeling it anymore.” What led him to make this statement? Why did he choose to retire so abruptly?

Jester started his army journey in 2007 when he got his first leadership stint with the Doritos. Jester’s wartime acumen and perseverance made him popular in the Doritos. In fact, he spearheaded some of the greatest wars of that era. He assisted with the rise of many legendary armies and was quite influential in their communities. Jester lead armies such as the Light Troops and Underground Mafias Army to victory in many historical battles.

Jester’s current reign at the Doritos was a highly successful one. His latest feat saw him successfully negotiate a partnership with the Spanish CPPS Super Club Penguin. Other than that, Jester was the mastermind behind this generation’s New Dawn Alliance. Unfortunately, it crumbled during the face off against the Black Ice Alliance in July. The infamous misadventure that was Gokhan’s stream of the Doritos’ Discord server was also initiated by Jester. These are just the more popular accomplishments of this historic Doritos leader.

A Recent Doritos Where They Maxed 40+

Alas, it looks like the September Drop has struck again. The practice battle with the Silver Empire on September 2nd is set to be Jester’s last event as the leader. Jester’s retirement will certainly create a huge gap in the leadership team of the Doritos. His retirement post can be found here.

The website post released on August 31 clearly surprised the Doritos. Jester started off his post saying, “Idk man.. just not feeling it anymore.” At first, he proclaimed that his retirement was to help him prioritize real life responsibilities. But later he revealed that the factor which made him lose interest in armies is CP Army Hub. He discussed about how the CP Army Hub has become excessively involved in the internal affairs of armies. In his opinion, instead of focusing on what happens in the game itself, the media giant is infatuated with what happens in the Discord servers. He criticized the way CP Army Hub chooses to outcast armies from their league.

Furthering his view, he mentions how ancestral media site CP Army Central never indulged in this practice. He believes this led to its longevity. An example that he gave of the media dictating armies is the “Cancel DCP” fiasco. He signed off with the phrase, “DCP vs Everybody”.

The First Part of Jester’s Post.

The question of how the Doritos reacted to his post still remains unanswered. Moreover, how do they plan to move ahead following this loss? The CP Army Hub team reached out to Doritos leader 32op for a statement regarding this issue:

Jester was a great addition to the DCP leadership this summer. His ideas and work behind the scenes really helped this army grow. For DCP, we’ll continue attempting his goal of achieving #1 on the Top Ten without him. The relationship between DCP and CPAH has the potential to change but everything will remain the same for now.

Jester’s opinions laid out in his post unquestionably ruffled some feathers in the CP Army Hub as well as in the army community. The CP Army Hub team contacted  CEO Pookie to ask about his thoughts:

While both Jester and I and CPAH and CPAWL have had their differences in the past, I truly wish Jester all the best in retirement and hope that CPAH and CPAWL tensions can be eased in the future.

Jester’s retirement comes right when the Doritos have jumped back to second place in the Major Top Ten list. He believes the Doritos can retain this position and is contented to leave on a positive note. He has chosen to remain with Doritos as an advisor. Jester on his return to the Doritos in June had expressed his will create a new team of leaders for his home army. Surely, this is a time for one of them to step up and fill the void Jester has left. It will be exciting to see how the Doritos will move from this position of advantage in the coming weeks without their beloved leader.

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Jester’s opinion about CP Army Hub? Will the Doritos retain their position in the Top Ten in the coming weeks? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer

3 Responses

  1. >Jester started his army journey in 2007 when he got his first leadership stint with the Doritos
    DCP Didn’t start till 2010 lol.
    Jester will be missed though


  2. All respect to Jester, but individuals of the past who have this belief that “CP Army Central is superior” is a possible reason why this community could’ve never united.

    Being a veteran, I was around during their time and they’ve had ups and downs, but most certainly were the best choice for news at the time. However, the community moves based on the times. Those stuck in the past continue to degrade the current media sites and continue putting their trust in a news site that has long been shut down. CPAC fit original Club Penguin armies because there was no need for a league. The introduction of a league began in this private server era and is what armies revolve around today.

    Banning an army is a controversial choice that gives a great amount of power to either the administration or the leaders. Jester is right that armies such as the Light Troops would’ve been banned a few hundred times for their obscene comments and unpopularity in the community. Yet, they weren’t because the climate of armies circulated around toxicity, and the faces of the community were culprits of these activities. The one time Light Troops was banned from CPA Central was questionable too and can hint to a certain bias. No matter the time and day, the right to ban an army is debatable. If the community sees the army as a threat and can possibly kill armies for their behavior, then, in my opinion, it’s deserved. The right to ban is only reserved when a concerned member of the community reaches out to the administration, so CP Army Hub isn’t a watchdog actively trying to ban armies.

    It’s undeniable that CPA Central left a huge legacy and paved media for how it is. But, to keep an unwavering opinion about it’s supremacy and refusing to acknowledge the newer sites is absurd. Again, this relates to time. We live in 2020, where armies operate on private servers and are bigger than ever. What remains the same today is media and the hierarchy, but warfare is constantly changing and the league is here to manage it. The media isn’t dictating the armies, it’s the other armies. Another similarity from CPAC is that CPA Hub’s media DOES NOT interfere with the league aspect. What dictates the armies is the representative democracy system used to vote on league regulations. Yep, that system has some dictation over the armies, but the media doesn’t tamper with it.

    Best wishes to Jester and I thank you for everything you’ve done for me at the Doritos. Maybe your approach wasn’t the best, but to stand up against what you believe is corruption is admirable. Best of luck.

    (P.S. To any veterans reading this, have some faith in the new generation. Thanks to them, the game was able to survive this long. As much as I hate it, give them some credit instead of bashing on their work.)


  3. @z4

    Thank you, i can agree with mostly everything. Especially on the democratic system used currently.


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