Koloway Bids Farewell To Elites Leadership

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – The army community recently witnessed many retirements, and now another one has happened. Army legend Koloway, shocked troops as he announced his decision to retire from Elites’ leadership.

For many, this retirement may have come as a surprise considering Koloway joined the Elites leadership so recently. Alas, it seems the time has come for him to take his leave and move on to different things. Koloway has been involved in a few armies since he first discovered their existence in 2009 when he heard of the Army of Club Penguin.

Koloway made this his home until life caught up to him in 2015 and he had to leave, not knowing if he would return. Although, a few years later, in 2017 Koloway came back to armies and joined the Rebel Penguin Federation. In his time there, he managed to rank up and become the 82nd troop of the week.

Soon after hearing of the revival of the Army of CP, he retired from the Rebel Penguin Federation and enlisted there again, eventually becoming the leader for some time. Even after retiring leadership in January of 2020, Koloway still helped out the army, even joining the higher command in June before his final retirement from the army shortly after. 

Invasion of Ice Cube in January under Koloway’s leadership.

On August 13th, there was a shift in leadership at Elites as two leaders retired, thus Zamb, AustinFraud, and Koloway were appointed as leaders alongside Simmonds. One of the things that surprised people the most about this leadership switch was Koloway’s involvement as he just retired from the Army of Club Penguin on July 20th, and it seemed as though that would be his last time taking part in armies for a while.

Throughout the few weeks, as Koloway was a leader, the army maintained high on Top Ten listings and achieved a maximum of 30. Currently, as the Elites are participating in a SubZero tournament, they entered the first round on the 23rd of August, with a peak of 31 troops. With their performance, the Elites won this round against the Recon Federation, and they will be seen in the semi-finals this upcoming weekend.

Elites under Koloway’s leadership, Subzero Showdown: Round one vs Recon Federation

Koloway helped with the transition after the retirement of the previous two leaders of Elites: Mythic and SCargo2. While there, it is also said he helped to make the staff feel comfortable together and able to work well, even as the summer’s end transition has come underway. Overall, he has worked to provide support to the longevity of Elites and allow them to prosper under intense changes.

Koloway’s Retirement Announcement

All of this sounds promising for the Elites’ future and to learn more about Koloway’s retirement, the CP army Hub staff grabbed an interview with him.

       Why did you decide to join Elites after retiring from Club Penguin armies as a whole?

I joined to help prolong the life of the army and ease the transition of leaders whilst setting up Zamb as a future successful emperor.

Do think your time there was successful?

I would say my goal of streamlining a few of the armies processes and easing the leadership transition was met.

It is known that you had not planned to stay for long at Elites, but did you expect your time there to end as soon as it did?

I expected it to end a little bit sooner, actually.

Could you elaborate a bit?

I expected to leave the Elites a lot sooner, as I envisioned my work would be completed much faster. I was never going to be in this for a long time, and I definitely considered not diminishing the value of my past ACP retirement for the task.

The Elites seem to have figured out a lot of things since the new leadership took hold, and it seems that it’ll be interesting to see what they do next. What kind of improvements can we expect from Elites? Are the Elites ready to fly on their own wings, without the support of Koloway?

What do YOU think? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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  1. good luck in everything kolo! hope to see you back again… soon! 😀


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