Manu Swaps Water Vikings Leader For Real-Life Navy Following Retirement

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings’ Capital – Following the Water Vikings’ loss against SWAT in their battle for Cozy, one of their leaders retired from their position in leadership. With their war at hand, how will Manu’s retirement affect the army?

The Water Vikings were created in 2010 by Zakster and Jedpen, and since then have seen a rather consistent history. Alongside multiple wars and tournaments, the army always stayed together and overcame the odds. One notable occasion was when the Vikings’ were runner ups in the Legends Cup of 2015 and 2016. In their most recent generation, the Vikings have consistently placed on the Top Ten list and kept a consistent max of around 30 penguins across their events. In their most recent battle against SWAT, they were unfortunately unsuccessful with the invasion, but they managed to max 30.

SWAT against the Vikings on August 30th in a battle for Cozy.

NotManuGinobili, or Manu for short, first joined armies in 2012 with his first army, the Nachos, and soon after joined the Army of CP. Years later, in 2019, Manu joined the Rebel Penguin Federation, but after some time, joined the People’s Imperial Confederation and accomplished many great things there. He made it into Hall of Fame, created PIC’s first US division, led the army in war against the ACP, and more. Later on, Manu joined the Lime Green Army and Army of CP, until he found the Water Vikings. Manu received a leadership role on July 23rd and since then has been an active part of the Viking’s leadership alongside Cliff, Change, Bluey, Revan, Buddy, Fedd, and Zoomey. Under his leadership, the army made many notable accomplishments such as maxing over 70 and high placing on the Top Ten listings.

Regardless of receiving a seat on the Vikings’ leadership only a month ago, Manu announced his retirement on August 30th following their loss against SWAT in the second battle of the war. Manu mentions that he was easing himself off the community for some time in order to prepare for his future with the Armed Forces. After giving many thanks to his co-leaders and numerous high-command member for their assistance in his time in the army, he ended off his retirement post:

Manu’s retirement announcement.

The CP Army Hub was able to speak exclusively with the former leader of the Water Vikings, Manu, to hear his thoughts on his recent retirement.

Why did you choose to retire? Did today’s loss with SWAT influence it, or was this planned beforehand?

I chose to retire due to me leaving for navy basic. It had nothing to do with swat it was planned beforehand

What was your favorite moment while leading the Water Vikings?

I think my favorite moment was mine and cliffs first event it may have been a joint event but maxing 70+ was a lot of fun

With the ongoing war at hand against SWAT, do you think your retirement will have any effect on the army?

I don’t think it will have much of an effect at all I’ve been stepping back slowly for the past few weeks and everyone has done exceptional we’re all a cog in the wheel and I believe everything will continue running smoothly

Do you plan on returning to the Water Vikings or any army, in the future?

As far as I can tell the next 5 years of my life are going to be extremely busy so I don’t see a return in the foreseeable future

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding your retirement?

Thank you to everyone who’s helped me in my CPA career and stuck by me through thick and thin

Manu enjoyed his time in the Water Vikings but will now serve as an advisor until he officially leaves for the Navy. We will remember Manu as an influential leader who assisted with a good deal of Water Viking accomplishments. CP Army Hub will be waiting for his return in 5 years and wish all the best for Manu in his future endeavours!

What do YOU think? Will the Water Vikings stand strong regardless of losing a leader? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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  1. we will miss you so much manu! best of luck in the navy<3


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