Matt Returns to Templars Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – Yesterday, the Templars promoted one of their high commands, Matt, back to leadership. Where did this come from?

We have known Templars to be incredibly controversial throughout their time in armies. Most recently, they had gone to war with several other armies, but now they are just working on themselves. Through the summer they hired multiple leaders, held larger and greater events, and even worked on how problematic the community sees them as.

A recent Templar event.

Although it has been hard for them to pull up from that, with their new leadership, and now with the addition of Matt, everything seems to be going well. Even Xing, the Templars’ creator, is thrilled to have him around.

Xing’s statement of the new hire.

Matt, otherwise known as Larden, joined armies in 2015. Although he doesn’t remember much, as it all went in a blur, he may have led a small army back then. Larden is more notable for leading Templars in 2018 for a period. In 2020, he came back to CP armies to join Special Weapons and Tactics. He managed to move up from 4th in command to a leadership position in April. Unfortunately, Matt left for several months, but now he is back strong as ever, as a leader of Templars.

CP Army Hub found Larden, after an extensive time, to get an exclusive interview about his promotion.

What brought you back to armies after your time away?

i guess i was just bored and needed something to do

Any reasons you went back to Templars? How did they pull you over?

well templars is where all my memories and friends are

What are you looking forward to the most about being back in leadership?

i’m looking to push templars to new heights and have fun

As we can see, he is ready to jump back in with all his friends and help the Templars move to greater lengths in the army world. What is in store for the Templarians with Matt leading? 

What do YOU think about Matt? Do YOU think they will grow with him around? Voice YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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  1. welcome back matt!!


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