Who Could Overtake The Rebel Penguin Federation?

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – The Rebel Penguin Federation–the reigning champion of the CP Army community. If there were a god among armies, perhaps it would be the Rebels. For an unbroken 3.5 months, they’ve sat proudly on their throne of number one on the Top Ten, unchallenged and unyielding. But no kingdom’s reign lasts forever. Which army will ultimately be the one who takes the crown from the Rebel Penguin Federation? 

The Rebel Penguin Federation lives to intimidate on the battlefield. No matter in size, strength, speed, or consistency, the Rebels have dominated opponent after opponent, time after time again. They are the victors of the Legends Cup, the resident number one on the Top Ten, and the champion of battle after battle, including the Black Ice Alliance’s war against the Doritos. At times, they seem unstoppable. But even Achilles has his heel, and every army has its vulnerable spot. As we approach the September drop, we’ve seen a gradual decline in every army’s sizes and activity, some more than others. Despite the Rebels’ overwhelming strength, even they have not been exempt from the sleepy lull that comes with fall.

The Rebels maxing 155 and winning the Legends Cup

As we examine the Federation’s performance, we notice a gradual downward trend in their activity. Despite them successfully defending their spot on the Top Ten, they have fallen significantly in both total points and size averages. This is apparent when we compare the 123 points and a 73 average max that they had eight weeks ago with the 98 points and a 58 average max they achieved this week.

RPF’s total points over an eight-week timeframe

RPF’s average size points over an eight-week timeframe

So does this signify the end for the Rebel Penguin Federation’s winning streak? Perhaps, perhaps not. If we look upon the Top Ten, however, we can indeed see many strong contenders for the coveted number one spot. For one, the Doritos have inched closer to the throne this week, earning a sturdy second place with approximately 85 points. Most notably, they maxed 55 at an AUSIA event, an impressive size that rivals that of the Rebels’ average AUSIA max this week. However, the Doritos need to consistently hit these sizes to match the Federation, which might prove a challenge. Following them are the Ice Warriors, whose score, in some ways, stands shockingly close to the Rebels, if we examine the calculations. This week, the Ice Warriors were only one point off from RPF in both the size average and tactics score. Therefore, if they’re able to keep their sizes while increasing their event quality score drastically, they may very well reach number one on the Top Ten.

Similarly, the Help Force is another strong army with potential. They have been on the rise lately, beating the Ice Warriors and the Doritos in practice battles. Just yesterday, they barely missed a win in their practice battle against the Rebels. They are also able to achieve steady maxes, even at AUSIA times. If the Helpers can keep growing their sizes like they have the past months and increase their event quality score, they are also possible competition for the Federation.

The Help Force at their AUSIA practice battle against the Rebels, maxing 60 and tying two rooms

However, it is worth mentioning that a drop in sizes and, consequentially, Top Ten points, is to be expected with fall approaching. It does not necessarily signal that the Rebels will be surpassed on the Top Ten since the September phenomenon can be observed in every army. Nevertheless, anything is a possibility, and nothing is a certainty.

In the end, will anyone overtake the Rebel Penguin Federation? Although the Rebels have suffered from the September drop, so have other armies. Even the armies mentioned as possible contenders above have felt the pressure of a new semester. So far, the Rebels have done well in maximizing their scores in each category despite the September drop. This begs the question, which army can rise despite the tides and sit on that coveted throne?

What do YOU think? Is there an army that can overtake the Rebel Penguin Federation on the Top Ten, or is their strength unmatched? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


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