Out Of The Shadows: Dark Champions Join Army Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Dark Champions’ Empire – After the sudden news of the merge between the Superstars and Dark Champions midst revival, we take a closer look at the army that has come out of the shadows. What was the reason behind the Dark Champions’ revival?

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Legend Inductions & Revotes: September 2020

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Due to growing demand for reform on the legends page, in an effort to ensure that the title of CP Army Legend remains valued, CP Army Hub has taken the decisions to revote on some individuals voted onto the legends page and create a process that will ensure that future inductions are accurate and legitimate. This post outlines the individuals reallocated or removed from the legends page, as well as some individuals that have been nominated.

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What Would YOU Do: Reporter Leaking Breaking News

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, CP Army Hub’s very own Reporting Heads were asked what they would do if a Reporter leaked breaking news.

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Superstars Merge Into Dark Champions Midst Revival

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Superstars Empire – The Superstars had a long rest since the beginning of this month. Now, it seems that the September Drop has claimed its last victim. Continue reading

Army of CP Host 14th Anniversary Celebrations

MAMMOTH, Army Of Club Penguin Capital – The Army of CP are the first to hit the 14th anniversary milestone, and they celebrated in a spectacular fashion. 

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Light Troops Leadership Welcomes Former Dorito Lukey

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – The recently revived Light Troops have shown great promise since their re-opening event. In their latest move, the army inducted the former Tamales commander Lukey into the leadership. Continue reading

Editorial: The Phenomenon of Big Word Tactics; Tactical or Trashy?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Scorpion’s Office – Big word tactics have enormously impacted the way armies battle for the past several months. Following a huge spike in their use since April, these type of tactics have only increased in popularity among the masses. And yet, every battle at least one of them gets recycled, drawing derision from both judges and opposing army leaders. Are these tactics really as effective as we believe them to be?

Disclaimer: The title mentions that this post is an editorial. This means that the following post is completely based on the writers opinion and does not represent the views of CP Army Hub. 

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Tensions Rise Between Dark Warriors and Water Vikings; Conflict On The Horizon?

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Only 24 hours after accepting SWAT’s remaining land following the war defeat to the Water Vikings, the Dark Warriors now seem poised to retaliate in what could be another potential war for the Water Vikings.

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Elites Forces Shut And Merge Into Silver Empire

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Elite Forces Empire – The ‘September Drop’ has claimed another victim as the Elite Forces announce their shutdown and merge into the Silver Empire.

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Water Viking-SWAT War Concludes With Force Treaty

YETI, Battleground – After a tedious war, lasting precisely one month, the ‘Eagre Foray‘ conflict between the Water Vikings and SWAT has finally concluded. Continue reading