Intrinsic & TechN9ne Step Down In Army of the Orient Seas Leadership Shakeup

PARKA, Army of the Orient Seas Empire – The Army of the Orient Seas have witnessed some significant changes within the leadership. This comes alongside the army’s sad farewell to Intrinsic and Tech, who have both stepped down.

You may recall Army of the Orient Seas, the army known for dominating battles, participating in the  Beach Brawl, being titled as an army of the week, and their multi-logging scandal back in July. It’s safe to say that they have definitely quelled the storm one way or another.

The news of the reformed leadership broke on the army’s Discord server following a surprise event. Former Commander Intrinsic made the announcement, stating that he and TechN9ne were no longer leading the Army of the Orient Seas. He also announced Aphrodite and Figgenz as the new leaders, entrusting them with the responsibility of leading the army.

The official announcement made on the AOS Discord server

In addition to that announcement, Genro, Robot, also took the opportunity to induct them both as the first army legends. He noted their impact on the army and stated it wouldn’t have been made it where it is today without them both.

AOS legend induction announcement

It is clear that the Army of the Orient Seas would not have reached the heights they did without those two. The ability to host successful events and the number of positive leadership qualities they displayed is what etched their names in stone on the legends page.

The army has recently been hosting fun events for their troops and thriving in the small-medium community. They even managed to tie for seventh alongside the One Direction Army on the S/M Top Ten. They were wholesome to pour their trust into the new commanders, Aphrodite and Figgenz. Both have prior experience in leading from being enlisted in other armies and are long time members of the AOS. They seem confident that the new leaders can propel the army to even greater triumphs.

Recent Army of the Orient Seas surprise event.

CP Army Hub was able to reach out to former commander Intrinsic and ask him about this thoughts regarding this major decision. He states:

AOS started as such a small community and we’ve grown so much in such little time. We’ve experienced many things as a family. But as the world goes back to reality, so does the people. Sadly, I also have new things coming up in real life. On the other side, I’m excited for what the new leaders will do for AOS. I trust them and I know they’ll do well. Only good things are coming.

The CP Army Hub team also managed to catch up with Aphrodite and Figgenz, to learn more about their plans.

How do you feel about this exciting promotion?

Aphrodite: I was surprised at first that they chose me as the new leader for AOS, but at the same time grateful, excited and a little overwhelmed.

Figgenz: It was a combination of emotions! I was surprised, thrilled, and at the same time nervous, because I know that I have big shoes to fill. But now that I’m here, I’ll do my very best to lead AOS and accomplish many things along the way.

Will AOS expect positive changes coming forward?

Aphrodite: I guess they’re just gonna have to wait and see. But I assure you, and everyone else, that this is going to be a fun ride.

Figgenz: Well, a good leader only wants the best for his/her constituents. The former leaders have been very helpful in creating this mindset and placed a mission to inspire enthusiasm and camaraderie among the army. I believe that upholding these and seeing this unravel in AOS will make us better and stronger.

Should we be aware of anything new coming up from AOS?

Aphrodite: All everyone needs to know is that we’re here to bring AOS BACK ON TOP in true AOS fashion.

I guess everyone just needs to stay tuned coz we’re not going anywhere. We’re going back on top.

Any final comments you’d like to add?

Aphrodite: I just want all our troops to know that they are in good hands and that we won’t let anything bad happen to AOS. Through ups and downs, AOS is here to conquer and rise.

Figgenz: I would like to thank Tech and Trins for this great opportunity of leading an amazing group. For the Staff and our loyal troops, thank you for your dedication and time. For the CP community, thank you for continuously believing in AOS. A lot has happened in the past few months, but AOS remains stronger and ready to Quell the Storms and Ride the Seas

Aphrodite and Figgenz seem excited to lead the Army of the Orient Seas to the top. Nevertheless, the army is bound to do their best now that their leadership is replenished with fresh members. Despite the departure of Intrinsic and Tech, they will continue to look over the army as advisors. The CP Army Hub congratulates both of the new leaders on their promotion. It will be exciting to witness the next chapter of this amazing AUSIA force.

What do YOU think? Will Army of the Orient Seas make their way to the top with the new commanders in charge? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Reporter


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  1. best of luck to trins and tech on their next journey! ❤


  2. good luck! love yall<3


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