September 1st: The Eschatocol Of The Ice Warrior Treaties

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – The end of the summer is upon the army community, marking the end of an era and the promise of the new things to come. As we enter September, we do so with seven less treaties.

On September 1st, seven treaties are set to conclude, all of which pertain to the Ice Warriors on one end. Each of the treaties had given birth to an alliance with a S/M army. Because of these treaties, the community has had an arguably restricted summer. How will their autumn turn out after the treaties expire?

With each treaty, the Ice Warriors made an alliance with a different army. Kudos to these alliances, the Ice Warriors have had few battles, and an overall calm spell. Despite two short conflicts with the Doritos and ‘S/M Army Community’ (Pizza Federation, Lime Green Army and Water Troops), the blue army have been focusing on their events, tournaments, and Top Ten standings. The Ice Warriors have been very successful this summer, maintaining a top three position on the Top Ten.

A practice battle between the Ice Warriors’ two divisions and the Fighter Pilots, maxing 54.

The seven armies that the Ice Warriors allied with for the summer are the Red Ravagers, Special Weapons and Tactics, (SWAT), the Fighter Pilots, the Crimson Guardians, the Army of the Orient Seas, the Golden Troops, and the Water Vikings. With all of these alliances ending, one can only guess what the future holds. The CP Army Hub staff was able to obtain a statement from the Ice Warriors leader Regan, on his thoughts on this topic:

Well we organised those treaties as we were preparing for a war against our enemies who have a history of attempting, and failing to spam invade us with S/M Armies. We just wanted to avoid wasting everyone’s time with spam invasions. Of course every treaty has an end date and we thought that September 1st was the best time for this due to the change coming to armies with everyone going back to school & college. The Ice Warriors main goal right now is to continue building through this rough time for armies including keeping close ties to our allies. We are hoping to continue our alliances with those armies and having fun while doing it!

With all of the allies that the Ice Warriors will lose from the ending of these treaties, the question is, will any alliances be renewed? What will come in the future for these armies? How will these armies be affected by the September Drop? Only time will tell.

What do YOU think? How will the ending of these treaties affect the Ice Warriors? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter



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