The Eagre Foray: Day Three Witnesses Two Water Viking Victories

ALASKA, Battle Server – The third day of the Water Viking-Special Weapons and Tactics war saw two battles result in two Viking victories. But what exactly went down?

September 1st saw the third day of battles between enemies the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics. Since August 26th, the pair have been engaged in a brutally heated war that has transcended the battlefield.

The first conflict was an ‘AUSIA’ division battle at 3:00am EST, and saw both sides put up a fierce fight. This particular battle was a SWAT invasion of the Water Viking server Cream Soda. While the Water Vikings achieved a peak of 28 penguins, the Special Weapons were very close behind at 27 members.

The result concluded with a 2-1-0 result: the Water Vikings taking victory in rooms one and two, but losing to the SWAT in room three. The exciting event saw an array of fantastic formations and tactics from both sides. Judge LuciferStar commented the following:

“While SWAT carried an advantage in the first room with quicker tactics and formations, Water Vikings were quick to pick up the pace in the second room and the third room. Due to quicker tactics and cleaner formations, Water Vikings have successfully defended Cream Soda. Well done by both armies!”

The battle for Cream Soda.

SWAT creator and leader, Ganger90, spoke out to the CP Army Hub team and criticised his opponent for use of allies, stating “you should mention how there was 4 dcp leaders there“. This was despite the battle including no “no allies” regulation.

The second skirmish pitted the pair against each other again, but this time for ownership of the server Wool Socks. The Water Vikings were invading the SWAT empire this time, and the battle saw a similar result. While the Vikings peaked at 47, the SWAT managed to achieve 33 penguins online.

Battle for the server Wool Socks.

The Water Vikings took their second win of the day with a 2-1-1 score, after the battle went into an overtime. Head Judge Spotty said the following when announcing the results: “SWAT was faster and cleaner in the first room and their big tactics made them look larger and helped them to cover up WV. However, WV picked up the speed and with slightly larger sizes, superior formations, creative movements and tactics helped them overall to win the battle.”

With the Water Vikings taking another two victories in their war against the Special Weapons and Tactics, the SWAT have already scheduled a re-invasion of Wool Socks for 3:00am EST on Thursday. Likewise, the Vikings are set to invade server Sardines at 3:00pm EST the same day. Who will triumph on Day Four of the war?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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  1. how will this end?? :redface:


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