Editorial: E-Dating In The Army Community: Creepy or Cute?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Max’s Desk – E-Dating in the army community: something that very much exists and that we all LOVE to joke about. But is it downright creepy in this online space? Or is it real love that should be celebrated? 

The following article contains the views and opinions of the author, not the CP Army Hub as a whole. Please be warned that sensitive topics are discussed, and some swearing is present. 

E-Dating, or online dating, is exactly that: a romantic relationship in an online space. In our case, this exists through Discord and Club Penguin – the two platforms that the army community operate on. E-dating has existed on Club Penguin and in the army community for years, with popular YouTubers creating penguin e-dating content since the early days of the game. Likewise, well-known e-couples such as ‘Tanner & Emily’ and ‘Jodie & CSY’ were open about their online relationships in the original army community.

The 24 Easiest Ways To Get Banned From Club Penguin

Today, e-dating is still very prevalent. Some of the community’s most known couples include the Army Hub’s Chief-Executive-Officer LuciferStar, who is coupled up with Head Judge Spotty. Pizza Federation leader Snork is eight months deep into a relationship with higher command member Saph. The latest talked-about couple is the Army Hub’s Sarahah and Doritos leader Meerrkat. And of course we cannot forget the LGBT+ icons that are Julia and Megann, both of Dark Warriors fame.

For the case of Snork and Saph, the army community was their version of ‘Tinder’. They see it as they met online, in a Club Penguin army, but have taken that relationship into their “real lives” and have even met up, in person. They also have plans to take their relationship further after Snork has finished his university studies, with both stating they would love to move in together with their pet snakes, cats and salamander!

When quizzed on people’s perception of their online relationship, Saph replied: “I understand why people would criticise e-dating, considering the dangers of online interaction and lack of physical interaction that people feel is needed… But really, if people can make each other so happy that they want to connect as a relationship, that really is the most important part! We have safety and trust, and we can have fun together.”

Meme provided by the lovebirds, Snork and Saph, themselves.

CP Army Hub sat down with celebrity couple LuciferStar and Spotty to try and gain a better understanding of what life is really like in an e-dating couple.

Hello to you both! Getting straight to the point, how did ‘SpottyStar’ come to be?

LuciferStar: So basically, Spotty and I decided to go together for the CPA:TG Closing Last Dance. And it was then that we were both competing for Best Couple and where everyone had a ship name and I panicked and quickly made up a SpottyStar ship. It just happened after the prom, we spoke to each other quite and yeah lol, suddenly I’m not able to make decisions individually! Spoke to Spotty late one night and turns out next morning, I can’t simp no more!

Spotty: I told him one of my exes wanted to make it official on Facebook… So then he’s all like “wanna make it not official on Facebook but official on Discord”, so I reply with “Alr yea” and he legit called my answer boring. So then he asks me how my exes asked me out so it’s different. And he comes up with “you wanna go out with this cutie” and I reply with “yes I wanna go out with this cutie”.

*Interview paused as the couple argue*

Wow – how cute! So what does your “online relationship” actually consist of?

LuciferStar: So I use Snapchat, Instagram and Discord to bully her I’d hope it were 24/7 but I also need to sleep at times and I’ve got classes We watch movies together often, and if I were to ever meet her then it’s bc I came to London to meet the homies, not her, she just happened to be there.

Spotty: Yea he bullies me on Snapchat, Instagram and here (Discord). He sends really shitty streaks usually of his Bitmoji or of moto moto, though occasionally he sends pic of his dog so I cry over how cute Loki is. He’s really bad at decisions so we used to have this bet thing going on whoever woke up last had to decide what we were going to do for the day and it was mainly him having to pick. We usually watch Netflix a lot, and he got me into friends so now I’m obsessed. Yeah legit like him and Maroon are planning to bully me in London because they’re both mean like that.

What is your opinion on e-dating as a whole, particularly in the army community?

LuciferStar: Help, this is a difficult one for me. I for one am supportive of whatever you wanna do, unless you feel trapped. Sometimes you shouldn’t run away from your feelings, and just accept it, while you can. So honestly, I don’t think there’s really an issue with it unless you’re a Riley, that’s creepy. But yeh have fun while you can with whatever you’ve got, we’re only here for a short while. And don’t read the bold texts.

Spotty: Does this guy wanna be dumped?! E-dating in the army community is alright. Like some people fake e-date as a joke and have cp weddings which makes the community fun. But like if it’s real you need the right balance, people don’t wanna walk into servers and see people “all loved up” cause it just makes them feel uncomfortable and it puts people off of it.

The pair were caught by the Army Hub paparazzi exchanging love heart emotes at the Night Club.

There is no doubt LuciferStar and Spotty’s relationship is mutual and legal (both are adults), but what about the relationships where this is not the case? Army Legend Kingfunks4 offered his point of view to the Army Hub team, stating that “if people want to, that is fine”, but that it is very risky. He believes online relationships can be easily abused, and there is the issue of age if one person is aged 18 and the other is younger.

The issue of age is very significant – the community we operate is based on a children’s game, so surely the large majority of the people here are children? Or has the average age of the community increased so that now more of us playing are adults? With puberty and adulthood comes sexual attraction and the desire for romantic relationships to be formed…

But can this really be achieved over the internet? While some may argue no, I would state it can. The switch from ‘xat’ to Discord has allowed for an easier access to voice and video call, which means people can establish strong connections with others from anywhere in the world.

Club Penguin Dating - YouTube

Editor-in-Chief Sarahah joined in the debate with the following: “Personally, I think e-dating can be good and bad in many ways. I think it can be cute and fun, when done appropriately and safely. Although, when certain factors come into play, I do think that e-dating can be awfully dangerous and should be done with caution. Not everyone will be as honest and kind as you may be, and people can often be taken advantage of. Overall I think, if you want to e-date, go for it, as long as you leave it as e-dating until you can really confirm who they say they are and make sure they’re loyal, honest, and trustworthy. Just be safe!”

Sarahah raises another important point here: the concern that people on the internet may not be who they say they are. This is not a new concept, as the idea of ‘cat-fishing’ has long since been established in society. But despite there being ways to identify a person’s true identity, this still leaves room for vulnerable people, including children, to be targeted and exploited.

Club Penguin - The Dating Site - YouTube

A similar idea was raised by Army Hub Advisor leader CSY: “The hierarchy of armies often predisposes situations where there is power play between to potential “partners”, which might be concerning to some.” Here he raises whether the army ranking systems make e-dating inappropriate, as a higher ranking member e-dating a lower ranking person can be seen as an abuse of their position and power. This is particularly questionable in regards to a leadership position, which holds a duty of care for the army members.

So this brings us back to the question: Is e-dating creepy or cute? Well, if the relationship is healthy and legal – why not? I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. The issue arises when certain people abuse and exploit the concept of e-dating for their own personal gain. And sadly, this is probably more frequent than people realise or care to admit. We must, as a community, look out for one another and try to actively educate ourselves and others on internet safety.

And on that note, I am accepting boyfriend applications in my direct messages. 

What do YOU think? Is e-dating in the army community creepy? Or is it something to be celebrated like a normal relationship? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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  2. Amazing editorial, good luck with that last part LMAO ❤


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