Praetor’s New Groove: Sarahah Inducted Into Romans Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Romans Empire – After a close battle in the SubZero Showdown tournament, the Romans of Club Penguin have inducted Sarahah as a leader.

The Romans of Club Penguin, formed in 2006 by Explorer7777, is one of the oldest armies in the community and has a long and interesting history. The Romans have had many leaders and a fair share of difficulties, including the army becoming inactive several times. They returned in July this year, headed by Games and Dino, who is currently on leave. The presiding leaders are Games, Meerrkat, and W;P. Sarahah is now enlisted with the Romans as a Legate, a leadership position in the army. Since their reopening, the Romans have been growing in size, even making the S/M Top Ten multiple times.

A round battle against the Red Ravagers, maxing 11.

Sarahah has a fascinating story in the armies community, first being recruited into the Rebel Penguin Federation in April of this year, but joining the Dark Bandits army as a Second in Command the next month. After the army shut down at the beginning of June, Sarahah joined the Army of Club Penguin as a moderator. During her time there, she formed her own army, the Hold Bugs Army, founded at the end of June and officially registering in the CP Army Hub on July 23rd. The bugs were quickly colonized by the Ice Warriors, an army that Sarahah later entered into as a Third in Command. Currently, Sarahah is an Editor-In-Chief, a Judge, and is now a Legate of the Romans.

Sarahah was also a part of the administration team for the SubZero Army League, even coming up with the idea for the SubZero Showdown, a tournament that most of the S/M army community have participated in. The Romans have had quite an exciting tournament, winning in the first round against the Legoman Army. In the second round, the Romans battled against the Red Ravagers. However, due to claims of a biased judging system, there was a rematch between the armies. Unfortunately, the Ravagers took the crown in both battles, advancing to the third round. After the rematch, current Praetor Dino made the official announcement welcoming Sarahah as a leader of the Romans.

CP Army Hub was able to get an exclusive interview with Sarahah about her thoughts on her new position.

Becoming a leader of any army is a big responsibility. What are your initial feelings about becoming a Romans leader so quickly?

It definitely is a big responsibility! While I did know I was going to become appointed leader, it still is quite a shock! Becoming a leader for an army with an amazing history, is quite amazing. It feels great to know that I am worthy of such a high position!

Do you have any plans to set in motion for the Romans soon? If so, what are they?

Thank you!! I do have a few ideas I plan on pitching to my co-leaders in the following days in regards to recruiting, events, army affairs, etc. I hope to work with everyone to make the Romans the next major army;)

How long do you plan to lead the army?

I plan on remaining in the Romans until I need to step down or retire, which I do not plan on doing anytime soon. Although, things sometimes do not happen according to plan, so my tenure in the Romans will depend! I do hope to stay a long time!

Being thrown into a new environment can be confusing at first. What are your first impressions of the Romans community?

Haha it is, but I’ve been in the server since they opened and I am close friends with most of the staff. I love the Romans community, we have good morals and a strong passion for this community which is great for drawing in new members!

As you can see, Sarahah is ready to take the Romans to higher places as a leader. How will the Romans fare in the future? What is in store for them with Sarahah at the helm?

What do YOU think about Sarahah’s induction? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Reporter


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